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    BDO: Recent News

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    Recently we have received lots of BDO news; both guild wise and game wise.

    Valencia Part 1 is coming to NA/EU June 1st
    Black Desert released this news announcement highlighting their upcoming June 1 release. Several new features are covered including:
    - 30% increase in the world size.
    - The introduction of new mount types including camels and elephants.
    - Node War testing will take place on June 15th for 2 weeks.
    - Armor and weapon enchants to +20

    Black Desert also released a patch on May 18th.
    What this means for Foo is every member, including myself, should first make it their priority to reach level 55 and obtain level 15 enchanted armor and weapons. To be the most effective, and frankly have the most fun, in PvP, this will become the base normal.


    With Node Wars now on every guilds radar expect PvP to increase. That being said Foo has had a lot of PvP news recently.

    Alliance talks with Flux and Bastion are currently at a stand still. However we have succeeded in antagonizing, through seemingly no effort, Xen.
    Long story short Xen has bad blood with Flux and Bastion; they fight, they bicker, they start contests to see who can kill more of each others guild. While warred against Foo the leader of Xen began a conversation with Joebane (this is readable in the PvP tab on Discord). The talks ended with the leader of Xen declaring Foo's name was now on their cash prize kill count contest, which can be viewed HERE.

    Foo will continue with grind groups, boss scrolls, gathering and subjugation missions as we prepare for node wars. It is important to note we expect to see an uptick in persons revisiting the game with the introduction of node wars. This could be just the spark BDO needs!

    The last note is PvE news. The 30% EXP boost is active until June 1st. This is the perfect time to grind up to 55 before Node Wars!
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  5. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'd sure like to have more data about the hacking and botting. It would be great to know how much it's affecting the AH and how many times we are running up against it in PVP. I think we know it when we see it at this point but it is hard to be sure.

    I wish there wasn't a delay. I am not going to let it delay our plans. We will proceed when we get back in town.

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