Ok so most people know that if you have smaller health or mana potions you can covert them at a 3:1 ratio to the next tier, but what most dont realize is the difference between a health potion and Grain Juice.

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so you will notice, the grain juice of equal healing, is 25% lighter

so, how do you get these, well, first you get yourself some base ingredients, for the grain juice, you need

3x Wheat, Barley, Potato, Sweet Potato, OR Corn - not all, only 3 of one type
1x Mineral Water - sold in Inns or Cooking vendors

Then you pull up your processing tab (L) and select Simple Cooking

so i like to burn about 30-40 energy on this making some grain juice, if your cooking is high, you can get Concentrated Grain Juice from this step instead of just Grain Juice.

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now that you have some juice, you convert these to the higher levels, with Simple Cooking again, just like you would a small health potion into a medium
so there are two ways to make Concentrated Grain Juice

for 1 energy
3x Grain Juice
for 1

or for 1 energy
30x Grain Juice
1x Sugar
for 10

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These are on the tool tip if you hover over them in the Processing Knowledge List for Simple Cooking after you have made one and gained the knowledge

The next step to Highly Concentrated Grain Juice is the same as the last

1 energy
3x Concentrated Grain Juice
for 1

1 energy
30x Concentrated Grain Juice
1x Sugar
for 10

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The other benefit to this, is the Grain Juice goes up another level, higher than the Large Healing Potions, with the same basic recipe as the last two, 3:1, or 30:10 with 1 sugar

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This also works with Simple Alchemy for Resource pots, aka the yellow/green/blue bar under your health

For this it works the same way, but with 3 of any basic plant, and again if you hover over your listed knowledge it will show you the recipes awkwardly

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3x Silver Azaleas, Sunrise Herb, Fire Flake Flower, Dry Mane Grass, Wild Grass, Silk Honey Grass, OR Everlasting Herb
1x Mineral Water


10x Weeds
1x Mineral Water

for 1 Herbal Juice

Then its the same as the grain juice, but with SALT for the 30:10 ratio instead of sugar, ie

1 energy
3x Herbal Juice
for 1 Concentrated Herbal Juice

1 energy
30x Herbal Juice
1x Salt
for 10 Concentrated Herbal Juice
and so on

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All of these recipes at their base level, with the potatoes or plants, take less of those ingredients if they are higher quality farm grown, 2 instead of 3 for High Quality, and 1 for Special.

So please enjoy being able to carry more health pots with you at a 25% rate!

Also of note, these two pots are on separate cooldowns, so thats nice.