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First off, welcome to all the new players who have joined in the past few months.
We are happy to have you and hope you are having fun.
That being said, here are a few ways you can give back to Foo.

1. Participate.
This is by far the easiest way. Whether it be in-game, with missions, PvP or boss scrolls;
or on the forums, with guides, knowledge or a fun event. Participation is the best way to be and help Foo.

2. Donate.
By no means is donating a requirement, but every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.
Not to mention donating earns you a glowing forum title.
The link can be found in the sub-menus at the top of any page.

3. Social Media.
Join our social media and be as active as you can.
Retweet stuff, repost stuff, like stuff. The more engagement the better!
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Youtube
- BDO Forum Post
- Reddit Post

4. Volunteer.
Foo is always in need of volunteers.
We welcome any member, new or veteran, stepping up to help in any way possible.
Have an idea? Post it, share it with your mentor or a guild leader.

All in all, Foo is a community and like any community we rely on our members to fuel the fire we love!