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    BDO Basics - Gold Investing

    You will need at least 3 gold bars in order to start investing in a "bank node". For this example, I will be using the bank node within the Northern Wheat Plantation NE outside of Calpheon. Just like any other node, you need to physically start out by going to that property and speak to the node manager. Plug in your contribution points and assign a worker. I have my workers coming from Calpheon so you need your 3 gold bars to be in your warehouse in that city.

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    Next you will notice that your worker will take 2 days to do this task.... so just make sure you don't need that money and you don't need that worker. This really is just for something to plug your contribution points into and make some money if you have nothing else to do with your points. *Please note that if you get a goblin worker your time will be cut in half so take it from me and don't do what I did *

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    Finally, for all that time and contribution invested, this is your return. I just keep a guy doing this and I just keep raking in the money.

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    It looks like as of right now, the only two nodes you can do investment banking in (without having to have to worry about your housing lvl) is in the Northern Wheat Plantation and just north of there in Florin.

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