A BIG Thank You goes out to Kilth for figuring this out. I am just the messenger for pictures...

Hopefully you've been processing enough stuff (and interacting with people) along the way that you can interact with an NPC named Ficy located here, in Hiedel.

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Talk to her, she will give you a sort of meta quest that makes you do three other quests. Thankfully the three people you have to go to are also right around the fountain area in Hiedel.

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I decided to do the Flaviano's quest first. Since he is the material vendor - you need 10 empty bottles for his quest and also buy 2 pick axes and 1 axe if you don't already have one for the other two quests.

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Next I did Omella's. If you can, also grab Lebyo's too. The Ash and the Felspar are located in the same area outside the city.

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Once all those quests are completed, head back over to Ficy and turn the meta quest in. She will reward you with more recipes you can learn.

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10 planks = 1 plywood