I'm starting on the grind for a Noble Wagon. I'll will make edits to my post as I make progress. Here is the recipe:

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Wagon Horse - Can be purchased from Stable Keepers
Sturdy Pine Plywood - Requires Pine Plywood (See http://www.fooguild.com/forums/showt...wood-and-more!) and Plywood Hardener Heated together
Brass Ingot - Requires melted zinc shards and melted copper shards heated together
Fine Soft Hide - Dry 10 Soft Hide
Black Stone Powder - Marketplace, Grind crystals, or use a worker at a refinery to grind rough stone into powder

The hard parts

  • If you can make plywood you should be able to make Fine Soft Hide I think.
  • Brass Ingots require zinc, some members say you can get zinc from manual mining certain types of stone.
    • Andesite, Bloodstone, and Sandstone give zinc ore. Can be found East of Velia.

  • Sturdy Pine Plywood - Requires Knowledge and Plywood Hardener
    • Knowledge
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    • Plywood Hardener - Requires Gathering Skilled 5 and Alchemy Apprentice 1 - meeting these requirements should reveal a quest from an npc in Trent.
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      • Pure Powder Reagent X 1
      • Bloody Tree Knot X 3
      • Fir Sap X 4
      • Trace of Earth X 3

Also a bit of a time sink into building the workshop. There is a tier 3 wagon workshop in Calpheon.