There is a Hunting Skill bar in your profile. I figured I would see what it takes to level this, since I'm 50 and its still at Beginner 1 0%.

Gaining Experience

I found 3 quests so far. Found 2 of them through various reddit posts, where there was only 1 response. Lots of information out there that applies to the NA version.....

Anyway in the order I did them:

  • Stable Keeper in Velia gave me a quest to go to Daphne's farm south of velia (see pic). Go there, she has Practice Matchlock (Gun) you can rent for 2 contribution points, equip it (awkward like the fishing pole). She also gives you a quest to shoot 3 beehives down. I'm pretty sure only quest rewards gave me Hunting Exp. I tried to shoot more beehives down, hunting exp doesn't change.
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  • Crio - Fishing vendor in Velia - Gives you a quest to shoot down seagulls. Up the road a little bit you can rent a practice matchlock for 2 contribution points from the Guild Manager - Laiano Pietro.
  • Lake Kaia - NPC called Merio - there is another quest here that has you shoot jellyfish.
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After doing these 3 quests I'm Beginner 4 at 42%. Other resources say there are alligators you can kill in Lake Kaia and Blue Whales out in the ocean. I was not able to find either of these. I drove around on my fishing boat to specific spawn locations for over an hour.

Hunting Rifles

There was supposed to be a hunting rifle you can make in the tool workshop. I have a tier 3 tool workshop, and couldn't find the rifle. Also no rifles have been posted on the marketplace since release (no grayed out entries).

So for now I have only found the Practice Matchlock for 2 contribution points. Can shoot it 10 times before it breaks.

I haven't found any information on whether hunting is fully implemented in NA release or not. I'll keep everyone updated if I find more information. (I'll update my post with screenshots and correct npc names later tonight)

I ran into an issue of hunting quests being listed under different types of quests and not showing up. So make sure your quest log is set to show all quests, for you to see them in the world.