So in order to start getting NPCs to work for you... you have to obtain them through either quests or contracts. I ended up getting one through a quest but it was for the city Heidel and I needed one through Velia. The reason why I wanted one through Velia is because I wanted to start making beer and there is a potato farm near Velia. If you are in the same boat as me, you have to go into Velia and find the work supervisor. He will sell you a localized worker.

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Then, go to the farm you want the worker to work at. I decided to start at the Bartali Farm just south of the city. Once there, interact with Emma Bartali the Node Manager. When you are interacting with her, click node management > then in the upper right hand invest 1 contribution point. Do NOT invest any energy... that is not needed.

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Then click on which little node (circle) you want. Once you click on the node, you can pick which worker you want... select the one you got from Velia. There is an option to say how many times you want your worker to work. The best option is max units but I failed and only did 1 to start. If you do what I did, don't cancel, you'll just have to wait until your worker is finished and then set him to work more.

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Once you do this initial node management/worker thing at the specific farm, you never have to go back to that farm. You can do all your management from your little icon shown below.

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Finally, you can watch your worker run to the farm and finally see that bitch working!

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Then you go to your warehouse (NPC Finder) to get your stuff.