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    BDO- Basic Food Recipes also How to start Cooking

    Once you learn the recipe, you always have it but sometimes it's hard to know what to cook if you don't know what you don't know!

    Before you do any of this cooking you will need to buy a house and put in a "cooking utensil" in it... basically a stove. You can buy it from the vendor in an inn. (I also found out that these stoves lose durability overtime so you will need to replace them eventually)

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    There are several different options (of course) for buying a house. Start out simple and get one that only costs 1 contribution point for now.

    From your world map, click on a city. For this instance, I picked Olvia.

    Click on a house and then see how many contribution points it takes for a residence. You will need a residence for cooking.

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    Purchase it and then go into your home.
    Toggle into "place mode" and then place your stove. click on it and then hit the space bar to set the stove down.

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    Next interact with your stove....and below are recipes that will turn into stuff. Make sure to only put in enough for a SINGLE serving and then use either the cook or continuous production. DO NOT put in the "pot" all your mats or you will lose them all.

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    **If you are searching for anything in the Marketplace, everything is case sensitive so if you're looking for cheese... make sure to search for Cheese.**

    Grain = potatoes, sweet potatoes, wheat, corn or barley
    Meat = any meat that isn't Lizard or Chicken
    Reptile Meat = Lizard, Worm, Waragon or Cheetah Dragon
    Dried Fish = you can use any combination of fish except jelly fish. Your fish do not need stack if fried. **Also it's better to sell Blue and Gold fish and dry White to Green ranked fish because they don't sell for much anyway. You sell fish it the trade vendors.**
    Veggies = Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Paprika or Olives (I found cabbage on Iliya Island - link) but found all other veggies around the Northern Wheat Plantation NE of Calpheon

    Fruit = Apples, Grapes or Strawberries
    Flowers = Sunflowers, Roses or Tulips

    Here are some "simple" processing recipes you will need for cooking
    Cheese is made from DRYING Milk
    Cream is made from SHAKING 1 Milk and 1 Sugar
    Butter is made from SHAKING 1 Cream and 1 Salt
    Dough is made from SHAKING 1 Flour with 1 Mineral Water
    Flour is made from GRINDING any of the grains listed above

    Red Sauce - 1 Base Sauce, 2 Sugar, 2 Mineral Water, 1 Meat (Not Chicken or Lizard)

    White Sauce - 1 Base Sauce, 1 milk, 2 Cooking Wine, 1 Fruit

    Beer - 6 Mineral Waters, 5 Grain , 2 Leaving Agent, 1 Sugar (you can buy everything except the grains)

    Fried Fish
    - 2 dried fish, 2 deep frying oil and 3 flour (grind some of the stuff I mentioned above for grains to make any flour and catch the fish then dry them).

    Essence of Liquor (for quest) - 1 Fruit, 1 Leveling Agent, 1 Dough (which is made from "shaking" 3 Flour & 3 Mineral Waters)

    Stir-Fried Meat - 7 Meat, 2 Base Sauce, 2 Onion, 3 Hot Pepper

    Steamed Fish - 2 Garlic, 2 Salt, 3 Mineral Waters and 1 Dried Fish

    Tea with a Fine Scent
    - 4 Flowers, 4 Fruit, 7 Mineral Water, 3 Cooking Honey (Need to be Apprentice 1)

    Milk Tea
    - 2 Tea with a Fine Scent, 2 Flour, 2 Edible Honey, 3 Milk (Need to be Skilled 1)

    There are some new recipes with the patch that include spices now. I have't found a place to manually farm Cinnamon but there is a node on the Kasula Farm that you can send workers to (this is in the Republic of Media)

    Borscht - 7 Fragrant Jerky, 1 Cinnamon, 3 Milk, 2 Waters

    Desert Dumpling
    - 6 Reptile Meat, 6 Dough, 1 Cinnamon, 2 Olive Oil

    If you're looking to cook pet food you need to be at least lvl 1 Apprentice but then here are the recipes:

    Good Feed - 6 Meat, 3 Mineral Waters, 4 Flour and 1 Dried Fish

    Organic Feed - 2 Oatmeal, 5 Meat, 4 Chicken Meat, 2 Dried Fish

    Oatmeal - you will need milk for this. You can either buy it in the Marketplace or get it yourself. The next post below explains where to find the cows and how to do this!
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    How to get milk from a dairy cow

    Here is a location of a dairy farm that is in the starter area. I'm sure there are others but at least this will allow you to milk right away.

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    Talk to this little guy sitting on a fence.

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    Next find yourself a cow that allows you to milk it...

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    Interact with it and follow directions... be nice to the cow and don't pull to hard on her nips...

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    After you complete the quest, the kid gives you milk but then you can continue to milk cows too.

    Here is the other location for the milk quest so you don't have to go back to Olvia all the time. It's just east of Calpheon on Falres Dirt Farm.

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