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    BDO - Basics like Fishing and Processing Fish

    I wanted to make a post of things I've learned over the last couple of days that would have been helpful in a post. Instead of looking through reddit links and stuff, I like to make things available on our website - repetitive or not.

    So you've figure out how to fight... now what?

    It's best if you don't log out and go AFK fishing.

    To do that you need to find a pole and some water! Once you find water, there is usually a vendor close by that will sell you a simple fishing pole. In Velia the vendor's name is Crio and in Heidel City - that vendor was on the docks named Silen.

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    Next, move to the water's edge and equip your pole and follow the directions (basically hit space bar to start fishing).

    There is a mini game that you can participate in if you aren't going to AFK fish. If you simple walk away from your computer - you catch the fish in 3 minutes. The mini game allows you to fish much faster.
    **Note remember to check the box that allows you to throw away useless items during auto-fishing.

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    I have returned and have fish! Now what ???

    You have several choices. If you want to sell your fish for the most $$, find the Trade Vendor in the town where or near your fished. If you have no idea where that is, hover over the fish and it will tell you where it originated from.

    I have also figured out how to dry my fish and sell them on the marketplace for some money. You can also do this. It "preserves" the fish and allows you to see it via the Marketplace (or cook with it). Next hit "L" or while in your inventory click the "Produce" button seen below. You have several choices within this "Produce" menu and unlike a lot of games everyone can do anything with an exception of weather usually. You cannot do any "Thinning" unless it is a windy day. You cannot "Dry" meat or fish unless it is a sunny or clear night.

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    Once you click the start button you'll choose what you want to dry and if there are multiple, there will be an option to do all if you want.

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    As you can see it's simple enough but it does take energy. The drying process takes about 15 - 30 seconds.

    I will make a separate post for gathering, nodes and workers since that seems to be very intricate as well.

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    I believe this will help the confused... like me.

    When you have caught fish, hover over them and they will tell you which city trader to take them to. I caught mine off the coast of Olvia last night so I found the trader... she told me this...

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    So then I had to figure out how to "connect" the nodes.... so here is what I ended up doing. I had to give 1 contribution point to each of those "explorer" nodes in order to link to the coast (where I was fishing) to where the trade vendor was.

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