Before getting all excited about picking out seeds and where to place your farm, first set up shop to make a Scarecrow and Waterway. Find a house that you can turn into a Carpentry Workshop.

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Next make sure the ingredients are in your warehouse and make it so!

After you have your scarecrow, waterway and the seeds you want to sew, then make your way to someone that will rent you a fence. I decided to go see Norma at the plantation near Calpheon.

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Now you have to go out of the "safe zones" to place your fence. Once there, simply open your inventory and r-click the fence. It will open up this little placement window and you find the best spot.

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Once you have it placed, go into it and interact with it. This will activate the plant or "place" mode similar to when you're in your house. Place your scarecrow and waterway first and then plant as many seeds as it will let you.

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Finally get out of placement mode and tend to your crops.

Here is what your garden/farm looks like on the map. It it's white - you're good to go. If it's red - you need to tend to it.

**Note your crops will only grow if you are online and will be halted if you are logged out. This just gives you yet another reason to go AFK fishing.**

I also learned that the red icon below means you need to Blight/Prune your crop. It is OK if you choose not to do this but it will slow your grow time.

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That's all I've learned so far. Farmers - please add your comments so we can get a nice one for the public section of the forums.