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    Requirements & Process for Joining Foo



    • Must be +21 years of age (Don't even apply padawan)

    • It's ok to not be hardcore. Most of us have jobs, babies, wives, husbands and lives. That said, you need to be around enough so we know who you are. Most of us play 2-4 hours a night most nights a week

    • Must own a headset AND a working microphone and be ready to use it

    • Must be able to log onto Discord and TS3 (TeamSpeak) when you are online

    • Must be active within the community. Interact on the forums, present on TS3 and Discord (yes we use both), participation in in-game activities!

    • Focus: PvP/Siege Heavy/Hard Core Open World/ Guild vs. Guild

    Registration & Process for Joining Foo

    • Must register with the site and fill out all required fields in the new user form

    Go HERE to begin your registration

    • Must read through the Guild Rules

    If you believe that you meet ALL of the above requirements, feel free to begin the process if joining. I will now outline what to expect as well as the process for joining.

    To begin the process, register on the forums and make an introductory post. You will be guided toward this by our forum system. Your introductory post should be at least one paragraph long. We aren't going to tell you what to write in it, you are welcome to write a novel if you like, be assured we will read it.

    Should your introductory post pass muster you will be approved for temporary membership pending a verbal interview with Joebane (Guild Leader) or Brrc (XO). You will not receive any type of in-game invite until the verbal interview has transpired. If you pass this point of the process you will be a 90 day probationary member.

    During your probation you will be evaluated on how well you integrate into the community. This will include how well you make use of outside game tools such as TS3 for Voice Comms, Discord for Chat, and Forums. Within the game, we will look at your participation on several levels including Guild Missions, PVP, and Progression, keeping in mind we are not "Hard Core". That said, we are a top guild and do intend to keep it that way! We don't however do this through pressuring our members, we do it by recruiting sharp adult people who are successful in their personal lives. We have learned over our long history that combining lots of those types of people who have a strong desire to win in games and putting them together under great leadership leads to a winning environment.

    For more information, you may send a tell to Joebane in-game by whispering Ramseus. You may also e-mail

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