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    Guild Rules

    There is one rule above all others in Foo. Don't be a wanker. Everything else is less important than this.

    The following are the Guild Rules of Foo:

    • You may not ever make official posts on behalf of the guild

    • You must not be another active member of another guild or group. This means if you are in our guild, you should not be on another communications server, actively playing the same game with another guild, or hanging out with your own click or group externally. We aren't interested in part time members or people who aren't interested in fully integrating into the community. We don't mind if you are in a clan or guild for something that is completely unrelated to anything we do, so long as it doesn't ever cause a problem.

    • Do not troll forums and communicate with the enemy relating to our PvP activities, you will get removed from the guild for it

    • Don't be a wanker, (a player showing systemic problematic activity towards the operations of the guild, i.e. drama queen, douche-baggery)

    • We PvP hard core and we correct issues and errors quickly and with a lack of sugar coating, get some thick skin when in PvP

    Communication Rules

    Communication rules are designed to prevent any issues that arise on the forums, in chat or on Discord/TS3. Members who violate these rules will not be removed from the guild but will be counseled. If problems still persist they will be reviewed for guild removal.

    • You are expected to be on Discord and TS3 while in game, these are our MAIN source of communication; Discord/TS3 are mandatory for all guild/group events (if a situation where you can't be on happen, just keep the leadership informed)

    • While there is an acceptable level of cursing and joking around that occurs on guild comms; excessive cursing or offensive language directed towards another member with MALICIOUS INTENT is not tolerated

    • Spatial Chat: When conducting guild operations, a sign of discipline is a silent force punishing the enemy; No gloating in general chat, no pissing contests, just cold hard discipline. Members should utilize guild chat and/or Discord to communicate, not spatial when running raids or PvPing; Private/hate tells should be are to be ignored, killing them over and over is a much better way to prove a point. If a problem comes up that is guild worthy let a higher ranking officer handle the situation.

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