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    Foo About Us

    Foo is one of the most well established guilds in the gaming community. From our beginnings in Subspace, in the early 90’s, to our most recent conquests in GW2, Foo has been in every major game released during the past few decades. Among our most involved and dominated games are Star War Galaxies, Asheron’s Call, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online and so much more.

    Foo not only boasts a variety of gaming experiences but a large and diverse member population. We are proud to have many members who enjoy every aspect of an MMO. Such diversity within our community is something Foo places extremely high value on. While fostering such a diverse and experienced gaming community, Foo has created life-long friendships, marriages, babies and probably some really bad porn by some of those people.

    Our community is also proud to boast our base of operations, With over 370 members, and expecting 100 more to join for BDO, our guild website is a haven for members to collaborate; sharing ideas, thoughts, likes and dislikes within the gaming community and beyond.

    Our member time zones are as diverse as our member population. Foo members stretch from Alaska (our fearless guild leader) to all the way Europe. Most Foo are currently within the US central time zone.

    How we run our show

    Foo’s leadership feels little need for a heavy hand when it comes to administration. We have been operating this way a long time, learning along the way how best to spot and boot the turds quickly from our ranks. Foo has a policy to stay drama free and focused on enjoying the gaming and community experience. That being said, Foo also has a rich history of being among the best in every game we play. Whether we are crafting, PvPing, raiding, making alliances or enemies, Foo members know when it is business time comms clear and focus on the task at hand is paramount.

    Foo employs the use of Discord as our primary text based communications and are using TS3 as our voice comms. Whilst on comms we encourage all members to interact and socialize. That being said, when it comes down to business Foo generally has 1 or 2 persons giving direction, while the troops actively listen and carry out their jobs.

    Participation on our website is critical to our community members. Our guild forums support Tapatalk, so you can interact and be involved even when you are on the go.

    I encourage you to read more in the other two posts regarding recruitment by using this link or clicking recruiting at the top of our website.
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