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    Quote Originally Posted by Zage View Post
    I got bored and looked around some more, and I might break down on it if I can save the money by august(friggin kids).

    If I do, I'll just have to choose between mesmer, DW pistol thief, or engineer.
    my two favorites were a dagger/dagger-pistol/pistol thief and the sword/pistol-staff mesmer.
    you really can't go wrong though!

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    I'm just glad there's room for that kind of style, I really like the idea behind a greatsword using mesmer and the other possible combos. I also liked how much flavor the warrior gets based on weapon usage.

    I'm hoping I get an invite on the next beta to check it out. I have to pay in full for a 100% invite, so I'll just be crossing my fingers since I only put 15 on each game.

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    I'm ready to play. I can only look at boobs for so long.

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    my -EVERYTHING- is ready!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RATT
    my -EVERYTHING- is ready!

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