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    Got a semi upon reading.

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    i too got a semi upon reading, so excited to play my ranger!

    Quote Originally Posted by Aloss View Post
    Got a semi upon reading.

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    this is great. 2 more months for me to say 'yeah i think i will get it' and then not.

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    The 25th is my birthday, so that will be a cool birthday gift! Day off and all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matheon View Post
    well i'll be damned.
    Seems pretty close to what we expected.

  7. selling my copy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkmane View Post
    selling my copy
    you can get a full refund with a simple email to anet. they have already stated they aren't hassling anyone over a refund!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ciannon
    Seems pretty close to what we expected.
    ya i was just saying last night how i thought it very unlikely we would get a release date the day after the stress test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyasis View Post
    I wish it was a little sooner but o well, still excited as hell!!!

    Also, the next BWE is set for July 20-22!!

    O, I just realized, that's August 25th for us that prepurchased!!! Woot!!

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    I got bored and looked around some more, and I might break down on it if I can save the money by august(friggin kids).

    If I do, I'll just have to choose between mesmer, DW pistol thief, or engineer.

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