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  1. Guildwars2 announced

    GW2 Announced - August 28th
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    August 28th awesome but still 2 months away.

    Here is the official release date article.
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    I wish it was a little sooner but o well, still excited as hell!!!

    Also, the next BWE is set for July 20-22!!

    O, I just realized, that's August 25th for us that prepurchased!!! Woot!!

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    anndddd this was a total surprise. cant wait!

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    I am happy and sad after reading this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreven View Post
    I am happy and sad after reading this.
    You were so happy with the news you had to pee, then you got sad because you noticed the size of your penis?
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    well i'll be damned.

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    Yep, got the announcement email today and was thrilled. I'm fine with the date, bring it on!

  9. Yeah! I just received the email as well!

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    Kick ahse. So...TSW for July...crap..will need time filler for August! Boo!

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