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    Tera 50% off on Amazon May 26th

    Tera 50% off on Amazon May 26th

    Great news in case you missed the May 19th one day sale on Tera on Amazon.

    According to this article on joystiq. The digital download versions of Tera which include a free month of play will be on sale at 50% off again on May 26th. That means $24.99 for the standard edition and $29.99 for the collector's edition.

    To boot you can save a bunch of money on the monthly subscription by subbing for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time when you subscribe by May 31st. While not F2P, Enmasse is very generous with their discounts.

    3-month Subscription: $35.85 ($11.95/month = 20% discount)
    6-month Subscription: $59.70 ($9.95/month = 34% discount)
    Yearly Subscription: $107.40 ($8.95/month = 40% discount)

    Come join us as we build Foo to be a force of reckoning on Jagged Coast!


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    It is May 26th and the sale is officially active.

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    On a related note, EvE is on sale on Steam for $6.80 till 05/29/12

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    dang this is a good deal :P

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