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Thread: SWTOR: FU Foo

  1. Angry SWTOR: FU Foo


    Thank you very much for applying to attend the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Guild Summit in
    Austin. At this time, our attendance has reached its capacity and we are unable
    to offer you a space at the event. We have added you to a waiting list and will
    contact you if space becomes available.

    Please do not make any travel arrangements to Austin at this time. The event
    has strictly limited capacity and we will be unable to accommodate any
    unconfirmed attendees on-site.

    If you have any additional questions, please email


    The Star Wars:
    The Old Republic Team
    And there it is.

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    Bummer. Do you know any GM's that are confirmed to go?

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    that's right the man is keeping us down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joebane View Post
    And there it is.
    Now that is an outrage

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Aramane View Post
    Bummer. Do you know any GM's that are confirmed to go?
    Yea, but I'm going to stew about it anyway.

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    if it's in Austin, I'll just show up downtown lol

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    Nice to know they didnt pick one of the largest most active guilds on a pre-release server to participate. If they done their homework right they'd know we were also one of, if not, the largest beta guilds goin also.

    Personally im having big doubts about wether or not this game is for me(i love everything starwars and loved swg) but as far as time and paid subscriptions go i'd prefer to find a game that meets my needs and makes me happy rather than struggling against a developement team that have less than adequate contact with the core community(any mmo player currently looking for there next big game has dealt with this). I wont blame this on the developers but more soon the system in place to communicate with said community. To me this is just a small kick in the teeth on the long road of "oh dear... /facepalm". I dont see any system in place or even in planning where real players will be heard amongst the constant clamor of retards begging for attention to their needs.

    One place you can see this 'system' working near perfectly is in wow, where theres a strong base of players who play because they want to raid(direct developer contact with all the top guilds in every region) and give really good feedback on what is and isnt working and you can see that raiding always evolves for the better. This game doesnt have a 'strong base' of anything right now and what im saying is that they should have had preperations in place to know a basic "who's who" of the community to be able to reach out and not only gather info from the general community but from the "who's who' list and try put it into practice.

    With foo excluded(thus far) from the summit my doubts are growing. I say thus far because i expect that theyve invited X amount of lolguilds who wont be able to attend and we'll eventually get an invite. Having not gotten a first round invite, even if we do get on the list eventually my opinion wont change much as we're basicly backup for their 'summit'.

    Holy haysus, that was a big fat rant that you can disregard if you like. Im finished.

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    WTF? We are a back up plan? Aren't we THE longest established internet gaming community? I'd like to know who the heck they thought was worth inviting over us. That is ridiculous.

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