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    Post SWG - The Alamo 100% RP

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    Making a left leaving the IFC guild hall making my way down main street. Passing Fwap’s Armory, Fallon’s Fashions, and Breasal’s Foods. I could hear the river gently flowing its way toward Theed Palace. Somewhere in the distance I could here the Kaadu’s softly calling to each other, Yes just another blue sky day in Fooville on Naboo.

    Fooville, was prime example of a dedicated imperial city. Naboo being the Emperor’s homeworld, home of the Emperor’s Retreat, and now Fooville. Imperial Foo Corps Represented not just being a citizen of the empire, but also the best of what it meant to serve the empire. IFC was founded by Commander Joebane Maetheon, who also founded Fooville with the same dedication & planning. from the construction of the city buildings to the placement of every house. Fooville was created near Theed and was the very heart of Naboo with fastest starport in all the galaxy. Yes, it was easy to see that the man that created Fooville had truly thought of everything. Now he was about to achieve his greatest achievement since the creation of IFC & Fooville. A imperial head quarters but Not just another Imperial detached headquarters, rather a heavily fortified work of genius whose name would be remembered forever, The Alamo.

    The Alamo was more than just another imperial garrison, it was a symbol of imperial strength & unity in the galaxy. THe alamo was needed more than ever With the rebels growing in numbers and boldness following the destruction of Alderann. The empire was on full alert, the emperor had issued an imperial crack down. An order that had imperial presence on every planet. THere were star destroyers in orbit, and Stormtroopers squads roaming cities searching for covert rebels & contraband. With all the imperial activity IFC was at its best. Everyday had more and more citizens joining the ranks of the Imperial Foo Corps.

    I was heading over to visit with Dr. Paddington regarding IFC health standards & regulations. “Hello H’tead, or rather Doctor H’tead.” Dr. Paddington said with his usual accent
    “Thank you sir, I couldn’t have done it without your guidanc. now what is it you’d like to go over?”
    “A few things acutally, first The boy in the lab have cooked up something real useful this time. fire blankets.”
    “don’t we already have those?” I said quizzically.
    “Not like these, you already know that commandos & bounty hunters use a special flame thrower ammo that makes the fire especially difficult to defuse or put out. Now with these warfare will change and more lives can be saved, with less time in bacta and reducing causalities during battles”. Dr. Paddington stated in his sometimes dry voice.
    “Well this certainly will give us the edge over the rebels.” I replied taking a datacard from the table.

    I could see the creases in his face twitch slightly, something he often did when he was about to deliver bad news to his patients “ Unfortunately a shipment of datacards containing schematics was intercepted by rebels and it is likely they will also have the blankets. Nonetheless I have started a batch in the factories of Foo, in a couple of days we should have enough to supply all of IFC” Paddington continued.

    “Well it still Sounds like great news to me, I’ll take the datacard with me and look it over. Have a good night sir.” I said turning to the door to leave. “H’tead, may I ask? what do you think of the Alamo?” Dr. Paddington looking at me sternly. “What do you mean dr? The Alamo is a shining example of imperial strength, dedication, and planning.”

    “Exactly why it bugs me. right now the rebels & empire are playing a game of tusk cat & nuna’s but even a nuna will lash out once it has been cornered. The rebels will strike soon, and they will have to hit a meaningful target, one that could really deal a blow to the empire both in morale & strength.” Paddington replied sitting down in his office chair. He continued “ They do not have the strength or gull to attack the Death Star or for that matter Courscant, that only leaves one place really.”

    “The Alamo” I interrupted solemnly. “Commander Joebane just finished briefing his officers on new security details on the alamo. The Alamo only has two entrances, one a small pathway with anti-personnel & anti-vehicle mines the other a highly secure shuttle port. The HQ itself has five turret emplacements, enough supplies for six scores of troops and more. I seriously doubt they’d ever think of attempting to attack it yet alone it has been under extreme secrecy.” I replied nearly exasperated trying to defend the reasoning. Dr. Paddington took a moment to look at me then sighing heavily he said “H, I hope you’re right. Now I have to get back to work.” I left without saying another word, but now it was different, now I had doubts.

    We had the supplies, the training, the soldiers, the plans, and the home turf advantage. Not to mention for the size of army needed to attack the Alamo we would have plenty of notice because it was located in the center of Fooville surrounded by walls, walls surrounded by dedicated Foo’s homes. I let out a small sigh, maybe I was just over thinking the matter and now It was getting late. I looked down at the data card I was still holding.

    The fire blankets, I shoved the datacard into my doctors coat pocket and started towards the Fooville Cantina. the Fooville cantina, it always took me back a little the rest of IFC & Fooville was so structured while here, it just wasn’t. Home to air cakes, havla, synthsteak, Bespin port, and to the famous Foo Bombers. I ordered a glass of Corellian Brandy and took a seat at an empty table in the rear of the cantina. Starting to think about what Dr. Paddington said again, could the rebels really have it out for the Alamo? And were they really prepared? Were we really prepared? We had to be, we were always prepared.

    Taking a sip of the brandy i heard a male voice say over the din of the cantina music “Something on your mind doc?”. It was Arom, IFC’s top squad leader, carbineer, & fellow officer. “Nothing important really, just something I overheard. What brings you out? Shouldn’t you be on security detail?” I replied trying to sound not worried. Taking a seat he began looking over at the dancer’s on stage as he replied “ I was actually on my way out when I saw you sneaking in alone over here. Besides I needed a break, I’ve had the rookies training working as a squad by taking out Kaadu nest. The peko peko’s love kaadu eggs and the last thing we want is a few albatrosses making Fooville their new hunting grounds. I’d say other than that we are secure, especially with that impenetrable fortress the Alamo'. 'Impenetrable, yeah of course” I replied half laughing.

    “You think differently?” He said, no longer watching the bombers on stage.
    “Not exactly arom, it’s just that with the empire coming down so harshly on them. The rebels are bound to lash out sooner or later and they’ll need to attack something worthwhile.” replying and taking another drink of my brandy.
    Arom was finishing take a large gulp of his drink as he replied “And you’re thinking the Alamo right?”.
    “Well ya, It’s the only target the makes any sense. now I’m trying to think if there was some hidden weakness or flaw that has been overlooked somehow. maybe I’m just over thinking it, the commander is a man of great detail and he’d never miss something important.“ I said sounding more like I was trying to convince myself than him.

    Arom sat silently a moment staring at his jawa beer then without looking up he said “H, I want you to meet me at the Alamo in a bit.” He got up without finishing his beer and left the cantina. I sat there and waited a moment trying to understand the events that have occurred so far. this night may turn out to be rather interesting. I left the cantina and called for my speeder to make my way to the Alamo.

    The short ride to the Alamo seemed to take forever. as I rode to Alamo stopping just short of the entrance pathway, I took a moment to look at all of it. the precise planning & placement of every garden, decoration, and house. It was all part of a much greater scheme designed to ward off attackers and protect the defenders without any compromise. in a word the alamo was perfect.

    “Impressive, isn’t it?” a familiar voice said from behind, quickly standing to attention I replied in my best officer tone “Commander Joebane sir, I didn’t see you there.”
    “At ease officer, I am here because Arom contacted me regarding your concerns.” He said making his was to look down the pathway. Joebane, even his walk had an air of authority and commanded respect. “Sir, I meant no disrespect, the design itself perfect. It is just something I over heard that’s all.” replying losing my officer tone and sounding more like a plea.
    “I understand H, you’re an officer now and you deserve to ask questions and to know the answers.” Joe paused a moment shifting his weight slightly and began in his usual tone “

    You’re right to think there may be an issue, because there is one possible problem with the security of the Alamo. On the south perimeter wall the terrain is irregular, it could potentially be dug through easily. We are unable to fortify the ground without compromising the whole project due to the placement of the homes, walls, and more. At this stage, this particular risk is minimal as only myself and my officers are aware of it.”

    “Well that is a relief to hear, maybe now I can stop thinking about it” I thought aloud.

    Joebane made his usual ‘mmhh’ noise when he agreed then said “We will deal with that later, as we have a much more pressing issue coming up. The HQ is almost at one-hundred percent capability however the last step leaves the HQ vulnerable to self destruction. One of the empire’s built in defenses to prevent such highly classified info & materials to fall into rebel hands. This poses a serious problem, and the reason for such discretion. The HQ will be at its most vulnerable at that time. we will need to increase the security ten fold for the remainder of the project.” I replied in a hastier voice “then I should go and mobilize the medical team & defense troops into positions.”

    “No need. I’ve already taken care of that Doc, preparations started when I left the cantina.” Arom said walking from the direction of the Alamo. “Hey Arom. I take it all of this was also planning to reduce rebel visibility?” I asked a little more reassured. Joebane answered quickly “ The rebels are more resourceful than the empire would like to admit. Their bothan spy network is very efficient and therefore the highest discretion is needed. Now excuse me as I must prepare for the night ahead.” He turned and strode off in his typical leadership stride. I turned to Arom asking “Do you think the rebels will actually attack us here”? Arom grunted back “You were the one who said so H, we are their best target”. I paused a moment to refocus myself “Excuse me squad leader, I must go and prepare my droids”. “Ya Sure thing doc, I’ll see you later.” He said with a bit of grim to his voice now. I was just getting back on my speeder when Arom turned to say “Oh and Doc, you might want to break out that new polearm Niernakka brought back from Dathomir for you. I have a feeling we’ll need it”. I sat a moment longer and watched him walk into the shadows of the pathway towards the Alamo, thinking of what was to come.

    I entered Ouyot Manor heading straight towards the armory in the basement with a hurry in my step. In a crate, wrapped in a fine dathomir spider silk cloth was the new vibroaxe niernakka the wookie brought me back from dathomir. He obtained the axe in his dealings with the nightsisters clan, he was on a mission to capture and train a rancor for lady optique. The vibroaxe itself looked just like any other except for three small inscriptions on the hilt. They were written in the native language of the nightsisters. The nightsisters were force sensitive humanoids living on the planet and were often called the witches of dathomir. they had powers that most the galaxy could not began to understand. I unwrapped the axe and held it a bit longer before I went into a pikemen battle stance. As I did the inscriptions on the axe began to softly glow from blues to purples. slightly stunned as I sat watching as I remembered Niernakka saying that the witch who gave him the axe said it was used by an elder during the singing mountain clan & nightsister wars. The elder was known as a great warrior who had a uncanny ability to poisin, disease, and set a man’s mind on fire. it was said the elder passed the ability into the vibroaxe itself somehow, the user should take care in using it. I didn’t take much stock into as wookies are known to be very superstitious.

    When I took up practicing pikemen, I only did it as a self defense while I tending to patience on the field. It gave me range & power without sacrificing defense it made the most sense. I took it up regardless of my peers urging me to take up Tersa Kasi or fencing instead. It may have been the reason niernakka gave me the axe in the first place was that no one else knew how to use them, lucky me. I made my way upstairs to prepare Ouyot, my R2 astromech droid, he was out fitted with the latest medical modules that allowed me to apply & conduct even the most complicated procedures on the field. I could handle & mend the worst wounds, even ones made by chemical fire burns from a commando’s flame thrower. “The fire blankets!” I said aloud, I had almost forgotten with everything that was happening. I reached into my doctors coat pocket and pulled out the datacard and began to look it over. As I read it I saw some medical notes that the doctor did not go over with me and I started to think about what Dr. Paddington had said again about a possible attack on the alamo. Then it dawned on me, thats why paddington gave me that briefing, and why asked me about the alamo. He was trying to tell me about the wall weakness. How could I be so thick? There He was trying to give me the hint and all I could do was sit and think about it. I quickly ran back to my armory and flung open the doors to my armor cache. There in the white light of my armor cabinet was my officer issued composite armor, painted with the all too familiar aqua blue & forest green coloring. The composite armor for officers had krayt scale reinforcing on every piece making it that much more durable than standard issue, another testament to IFC’s strength. I also would be trying on for the first time the special clothes Fallon Faith had made especially for me. Her and I had talked about making special clothing so that I would be hindered and allow more precise movement for procedures, making me more proficient at my duties. Something I feel may be very needed tonight.

    I started Making my way back to the Alamo. I could see that the whole city had gone into full alert status. Everyone was moving with a purpose now. As I approached the entrance to the pathway I was suddenly stopped by a young ensign. “Halt, you are in a restricted area.” he said in his strongest attempt to be authoritative. “My apologizes Ensign, I am merely trying to get to my post” I said while removing my helmet. Slightly taken back the ensign replied trying to still sound confident “Officer H’tead Ouyot, No sir my apologizes but we have orders to lock down the entire area, and restrict it to anyone”. “No apology needed ensign, I’ll be on my way but keep your eyes open tonight.” I could see him stand a little straighter at my comment. he saluted and I continued off towards the alamo on foot. I kept thinking to myself All the time, all the labor, all the dedication, and all the planning coming to fruition. Here it was, as if seeing it for the first time I stood in awe at the sight of it, the alamo. IFC personnel were everywhere, running between turrets, checking the shuttle and landing pad, Medical droids being rushed into the cloning facility, so much happening at once. It all happened in such a short time, just another example of the great planning of our commander at his best. I could see a group of fellow officers standing in the front doorway of the alamo. I ran towards them with ouyot following right behind me.

    “Evening Dr. H” Optique marquis greeted me with a smile on her face. There we were, the IFC officers surrounded by a regiment of new to fairly new troops and a handful of experienced veterans amongst all of it. Then suddenly the everyone seemed to settle for a moment as commander Joebane came down the pathway. “Evening Officers” he said dry and in unison we all replied “Evening Commander Joebane”. He took a moment to look at each one of us before he said “I hope you are all well prepared for tonight. I am not expecting any rebel intrusion, but that does not mean we lax on the security either. I expect your best tonight even if it takes all night”. Then We all looked at one another and as if somehow deep down we all knew the same thing, that tonight we were in for far more than we could ever imagine.
    all at once time stood still, I don’t think anyone knew what was going on in those first few moments. Rather no one wanted to even believe that it was happening. For that brief moment I felt something, I felt regret, regret for not doing my job better. Regret for not being able to get to everyone. Regret for not reinforcing the wall. The air was filled with debris, smoke, and the smell of burnt flesh. then plasma & lasers shots came blazing out of the smoke from the south wall, and time started again in fast forward. There were troopers who got caught in the blast, they had no chance at all, but the ones who were either frozen with fear or pinned down, I kept thinking how I wanted to get to them and help but knew better. When We finaly gathered our bearings we made a quick retreat into the HQ while laying down cover fire but in all the chaos it was all just wild blasting.

    I was trying to tend to the wounded quickly but most of their wounds were too bad and there was just too many. as I was tending to a unconscience patient I started to look up, trying to understand just how all this happened. I could see commander joebane talking with the other officers under cover, but before he even said it we all knew it. The only possible way that this could have happened, the rebels attacking all of a sudden. Imperial foo Corps and Fooville had been betrayed, by who I don’t know but at this moment it didn’t matter. The act had been done, and now we had no choice but to fight, to fight for Fooville, to Fight for IFC, and to FIght for The Alamo.

    Cut off from the rest of fooville the rebels began overwhelming the remaining foos outside the HQ. If we were going to act, we had to do it now. The commander spoke quickly and clearly “We need to retake the cloner and lure the rebels out of the alamo perimeter. Optique, Jadue, & arom you three remain in the HQ and prevent them from entering and starting the countdown, they absolutely cannot be allowed to do that. Plee’ark , Myself, Salilaa, Vashh, Tuatha, and H’tead we will make a run through the pathway to the river, we will use the city to our advantage, we know it better than they do”. An advantage is just what we needed right now, my thoughts drifting back to the fire blankets and the datacard.

    The notes from doctor paddington on the datacard of course! I spoke up saying “Joebane, I have an idea although I’m not sure how well it’ll work but it might be our best shot. Dr. Paddington & I have been working on a way to over exelerate blood clotting and a body’s natural restoration. While I still cannot mend or augment your mind, this should prove to be more than helpful”. “We have little time H you will have to hurry” Joe said with more urgency in his voice this time. Moving quickly I applied the enhancements to commander joebane, thankfully the results were quick to show.

    After I finished applying the last of the enhancements i realized I did not have enough to apply it a second time. “Commander unfortunately this is all I have prepared for, I will not be able to apply to anyone else” I bit out grimly. Joebane opened and closed his hands a few times, trying to get a feel for the enhancements coursing through his veins. I had not tested this, nor was I sure of the side effects, but we had no other options and this seemed like the best action to take. “Then we will have to make it count, we have no more time to spare.” Joe said as he stood up to his full height unholstering his weapons saying “It is Time to act Foos”.

    When the door to the HQ slid open I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was just so much destruction and death it was everywhere I looked. Just moments ago, there was order and structure also strength and safety. there is No time for remorse, I reached back instinctively and grabbed the dathomir vibroaxe. I felt a sort of odd energy coming from it right then. not only odd, but as if it was trying to reach out and give me its strength.

    As I stood there in awe, The first wave of rebels were before us in a flash, joebane brought them down in a blaze of acid from his acid stream launcher. The second wave appeared just as quick, plee’ark treated them to a similar fate with his heavy particle beam cannon. I could see Tuatha laying out exact shots from his nym’s slug thrower carbine. Vashh and salilaa pushed past the scorching rebels they began taking down the next set of rebels that met them head on. I was following closely to commander joebane, with plee’ark following me. As We made it to the pathway, past all the bodies & mess strewn about everywhere. The Rebels seemed to appear and fall so quickly I couldn’t keep up with a accurate count.

    I tried to just keep focusing on the team healed up, and then as we reached the mouth of the pathway I felt a surge of energy from the vibroaxe. just like that a set of flamethrowers and blaster fire came at us from all directions all at once. in the moment I took cover commander Joebane had somehow already made a dash. Vashh & salilaa had caught fire while plee’ark and tuatha were already making their way towards a large group of rebels. I was close enough to realize what I saw on the armor of the rebels, it was the symbol of a well known rebel syndicate called IFU. Now it began to make more sense. I knew enough of the group well enough to know that they weren’t to be underestimated. They used codenames to inspire strength in their peers & fear into their enemies.

    I opened the fire blanket module I brought with me, cursing myself for not preparing better. I only had a handful of them to use but that would have to do. I’d have to use them wisely for this fight, afterall now we were able to reach the river. I quickly applied the blankets to Salilaa & vashh, gave them some stims and then got ready to fight. As I turned to see who My first fight would my eyes narrowed slightly. it was Iwaz a well known rebel pistoleer and a well known dirty fighter. I had tangled with him before, but then I was new to the empire and new to the whole Galatic Civil War, today would be different.

    His eyes narrowed on me, then his hands moved like lightning. the first few blaster bolts came with amazing accuracy. how I managed to dodge them were either pure luck or some inate reaction. While Dodging & weaving I attempted to close the distance between us. he was attempting to do just the opposite. Blaster fire was all I saw as I tightened my grip on the vibroaxe feeling the surge of power coming from it. I moved quicker than I have ever moved before. I kept closing in on Iwaz, every step closer felt like another step closer to victory. I knew if I could just get close enough I could land a crippling blow. He took a step the went into a roll to a knee followed by a precise volley of pistol fire. I felt the hot sear of pain surge through my thigh as I buckled over. I could feel the axe as if was trying to speak to me again. I felt it release another surge of energy into my hand and through my body. in a instant I knew what I needed to do. I quickly injected a High output Stim pack “d” in my thigh. I quickly began feeling one-hundred percent as I jumped back to my feet and into a full sprint. In complete shock Iwaz was stumbling backwards shooting an awkward volleys in my direction. I could feel the surge of power now and see my opponets defeat.

    Twenty-five meters then twenty meters, now just five more meters and I could perform a extended polearm lunge at my enemy. that was all I needed to win just one hit. I closed in with three meters left, then two meters, and finally I was ready. As I lunged at my opponet I could smell the ionized air from all the blaster shots. sailing towards my target i knew My vibroaxe was dead on target and victory at hand. it made direct contact with his right leg. Iwaz dropped to a knee in pain but I had no time for passion, even as a doctor. I could feel the energy from my axe now more than before. it was pulsing and hungry. Hungry for more, it had its taste of blood & warfare for the first time in who knows how long, and now it wanted more. I let go of myself, I let it guide me. what followed I can’t say if it was really me striking the blows or the axe. I made an arcing motion with the axe and swept the legs out from under my opponet. He fell to his back looking up at me, I raised my arms high and brought the tip of the axe down hard to a pleasing cracking noise followed by a gurgling throat noise. I knew I had cracked a rib and his breastplate. Another strike and it would be over. I raised my arms high in the air readying to land the last blow. I could feel the energy from the vibroaxe running through me. It had consumed me. I started to bring down the axe on Iwaz one last time when a pair of hands reached out and stopped me. In a stern voice Joebane said “Officer H’tead, you’re needed at the cloning facility. The rebels have been defeated and they are in full retreat.” He met my eyes but I still wanted so badly to bring the axe down hard on IWAZ to finish him. JOe would not relinquish his grip on me, he knew I wanted to. with a harsher ton this time joebane said “OFficer H’tead, you’re services are needed at the cloning center immediately.” I finally conceded and let my arms drop to my side with a sigh. I took one last look at my opponet, I could see the effects of the axe taking affect, he would be dead soon anyway.

    As I made my way to the cloning center IFC was already cleaning up the debris & mess scattered about everywhere. All the chaos that had just ensued and what just happened to me. I had a lot to think about regarding the last twelve hours but RIght now I needed to focus on my duties. as medical officer their were lots of suffering and wounded Foos that needed my care. I would just have to wait and deal with my own demons another time.

    It was mid morning the following day and I was extracting the final drops of bacta from my last few patience. The door to my medical facility slid open and in walked Commander Joebane. He was taking his time, visiting every soldier personally thanking them for their services and wishing them a quick recovery. “Good morning Doctor, how are things?” he said warmly. “Good actually just working on extracting the last of the bacta from the last patience now, every drop counts”. “Good, I’d like to talk to you in private. I will wait for you in your office while you finish” he said turning and walked towards the office.

    As the last drops were collected I sent the soldier on his way. What could this possibly be? CONGRATULATIONS for performance? or would it be a this is what needs to be done better speech? time to find out, the door to the office slid open. “Last night I saw something I was not prepared or expected to see.” he started the moment I walked into the room. I replied guessing he was talking about the betrayal “We just need to check all recent communications and start a research team to find the spy to get this taken care of quickly.” The commander paused and let a sigh out saying “That has already been done, but I was talking about you H. I have never seen you act like that, you are an officer of IFC and a Doctor first, seeking death may be the case for other warriors but never you.” My eyes widen as I replied “Actually I agree. Honestly i don’t know what came over me. I have an idea that the vibroaxe somehow” Joebane interrupted answering “You must mean the dathomir weapon, that could be. the nightsisters are force sensitive creatures. you already know that Jedi & sith are capable of creating holocrons that they can pass on their power and even their soul in. I have heard of them being able to do so with any object. While some see these items are artifacts of power, others see them as devices of evil.” Now it started to make sense, maybe it wasn’t just a superstitious wookie afterall. I asked the commander “What do you see them as sir?”

    He took a moment and stood up making his way to the door and said “I believe it is user specific. If you aren’t aware of it, it makes it more difficult to control. Now that you know, you must make a conscience effort to keep yourself in check when wielding that weapon. We won last night H, barely but we won. There is a lot that will be changing going forward and I want everyone perpared for it. The battles to come will be harder than ever and we will need every advantage possible. Other duties need my attention H, think about what I said and Have a good day H.” he left without saying another word. I sat in my office thinking to myself. The rebels had been beaten and we won that battle. I should feel great but now they will want revenge. maybe we had it easy this time, maybe this was just a taste of what is to come and What did joe mean about control? How can I control the axe? or will it control me? Only time will tell, but from this day forward nothing will ever be the same.

    H’tead Ouyot -
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  2. Nice article H, and very good RP!

    I moved it to the frontpage and later when we get our article database up, I'll make sure it lands there. It could do for someone with some editing skill to go over, if anyone wants to volunteer for that set up and make a post

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    Danni actually helped me and agreed to do so in the future. Problem is she doesn't have office or drop box so I will work on that for the next one.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by htead_ouyot View Post
    Danni actually helped me and agreed to do so in the future. Problem is she doesn't have office or drop box so I will work on that for the next one.
    I'd like to see it become a regular thing, I think a lot of people would enjoy reading stuff like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by htead_ouyot View Post
    Danni actually helped me and agreed to do so in the future. Problem is she doesn't have office or drop box so I will work on that for the next one.
    If you want, I can help you with this version. Then you and Danni can corroborate via email on future writings. Just let me know.

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    Ciannon shortly before I posted it I tried talking to you on vent and you weren't answering. My guess is porn.

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    I had vent muted and didn't realize it. That was my fault.

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    This is somewhat fitting of our efforts:

    aka Odie

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    I will gladly volunteer to type and/or edit whatever for guild. I'm happy to help you, H. Sorry about the lack of software. I might go out and pick Office up for cheap (haha 98$)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danni View Post
    I will gladly volunteer to type and/or edit whateer for guild. I'm happy to help you, H. Sorry about the lack of software. I might go out and pick Office up for cheap (haha 98$)

    Damn phone! Don't do that I will give you a copy and key I got a 20very license bis edition of 2010the that I've used 4that times :-) and it would be legit since you'd be helping me in the same function as a secretary

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