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    Player of the Month for November 2011

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    On Behalf of Guild Leader Joebane,

    After careful review of both public and private submissions, and after reviewing many very deserving candidates, the next Player of the Month has been selected.

    I am happy to announce that Matheon is hereby awarded the Player of the Month title for November 2011.

    This Player of the Month reward is financially sponsored by the many proud members of Foo! Want to support the next Player of the Month reward? To support this program or any other Foo program, paypal '' with your contributions. Or contact Joebane for more details.

    --Interview of the Player of the Month--

    I sat down with our newest Player of the Month, Matheon, to talk with him about his online gaming experience, and all things Foo.

    **Ghara: Can you give us a brief profile of yourself?
    I am essentially human shaped but probably a little more spherical than the usual. I know that I am of average intelligence
    because I feel that I am intellectually superior to the rest of humanity, just as everyone else does. so that all checks out.
    I am known by those closest to me as being argumentative, critical, and easy going.

    **Ghara: When did you join the guild and what does being in it mean to you?
    Having joined the guild when I was very young, perhaps 16, it is difficult to put into words what the guild means to me.
    It has sort of always been around..

    Originally joining just seemed to be the natural thing to do, Joe and I had played games all of our lives together from dungeons
    and dragons to Nintendo and once the online games came about on computers we were both really enthusiastic about them.

    Having a strong background in pen and paper role-playing games I always enjoyed the social aspects of gaming. A vast
    multiplayer online social gaming experience was a dream of mine for many years before the internet brought the possibility of
    this type of multiplayer world. So I guess in a sense, Foo to me has become the realization of that dream.

    **Ghara: What games have you played with Foo?
    Aside from a couple of year hiatus where I chose not to play WAR or Conan, all of them. Its a little difficult to remember
    the exact order but from Subspace I stayed with the guild through Asheron's Call 2 which I abandoned to return to subspace foo with sephiroso for the AML/IML action up until I believe SWG launched. I ran with a pretty small group in SWG, helped get fooville started but lost interest in the game a month or two after fooville was up and running. I of course played WOW for several months in vanilla but just couldn't maintain long term interest there either. A couple years ago Joe suggested I give SWG another shot and I joined back up with foo there and have been active ever since. From SWG to WOW to Rift and now into SWTOR.

    **Ghara: Do you have any interesting hobbies or crafts you enjoy?
    My hobbies are extremely erratic! I have been a musician from an early age. I enjoy learning about mathematics, quantum and relativistic physics, and engineering. Outside of those I could have any number of projects going from designing Tesla coils and ionic lifters to breeding guppies or practicing some form of visual art. I love hobbies and i love learning, my downfall is that i often seem to leave a lot unfinished

    **Ghara: What do you look forward to in the next year online?
    SWTOR But in all seriousness its not about the title, i look forward to just getting a lot of us together in a game again.
    I don't think I'm alone in finding a really great game is not as fun without great people, and a really mediocre game can be made great by having the right people with you. So regardless of what games are in store for us I have no doubt that the coming year is going to be a great time for all.

    **Ghara: What is your favorite memory gaming with Foo or gaming in general?
    In all the years I've been gaming with Foo I really don't think I could name one time. In what era of what game! :P
    There is a common thread though, I've never been into PVE stuff much... And we all know PVP is patchy at best. I've had some of my best times just standing around cracking jokes waiting on some red names to come by and wipe us all.

    If I have to pick one thing.. it was more of a paradigm than an actual event.. I was running around with Mavelle, Mordreal, Mocifer, Scary, Magi, and that dude I can never remember his name. Baron was it? It was funny because it seemed in those days if someone joined our group they may as well have been booted from the guild that instant. We attracted the strangest folks and i have no idea why but we had some of the most epic guild kicks ever in that clique! I still laugh about it.

    **Ghara: For the guys in the guild, what's your PC spec?
    Pretty modest.. AMD Athlon II X4, Radeon 6850, 8GB Ram, Windows 7..

    **Ghara: Do you buy pre-built or build your own from scratch?
    I build it myself, I'm too poor to not!

    Congratulations Matheon!
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    Congrats Matheon!

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    Right on, Way to go.

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  8. Congrats

    Well deserved

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    Grats, sir.

  10. Grats!

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