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Thread: A Foo Wedding!

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    A Foo Wedding!

    These were definatly befitting for frontpage news.

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    Ghara's Moms Myspace also has More.
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    Briq Guest

    I hope you guys had a wonderful day congratz

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    Very nice! Congrats

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    Congrats From Denmark to
    Hope u all had a great day

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    Congrats you two!

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    Grats guys! I was really bummed I couldnt make it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taurine View Post
    thanks all!! Sat was the most wonderful perfect day ever!

    o and thats my mom's myspace lol but yeah, more pics to come

  9. Looking sharp .
    Congrats you two may all your years be full of love and joy

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    Grats guys.

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