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    Tueday, August 28th Fooville will go under immediate reconstruction. I ask that everyone participate as much as possible so we may see our city in the full light it should be. Following Taurine's idea on fooville, the IFC "Mall" will be open to all IFC crafters and each crafter will be designated an area to do with as they wish. I should be placing a second PA with expanded capacity to accommodate all of our crafters and their desires to decorate as they wish, please post and contact H'tead if you wish to participate in the IFC mall. Secondly, The IFC PA will be Imperially decorated, I will be wanting to hold Events and more at Fooville which will be discussed later. I want to start active recruiting, as much more, any and all ideas should be tossed into the hat now, it all begins with the complete Resurrection of Fooville, home of the Foo's!

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    what time you want to start doing this?

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    The rest of the foos reported that 6pm CST seems best. However, due to work issues I may or may not be able to attend however, I will do my best.

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