WoW Classic just a beautiful 4-day stress test, and it looked really good. Several of us were in there and totally no-life’d it to get a good feel. Mods are being made, and the game seems really stable. It looks and plays just like we remembered it. All the nostalgic feels, y’all, and surprisingly addictive, even after all these years.
We have rolled Alliance. We are on the Stalagg PvP server.. All are welcome.
We began this venture thinking we would roll on the Herod server, but the demand for Classic has been so overwhelming that Herod and several other servers became full and overcrowded. Herod, in particular, is "massively overpopulated" and facing queues of multiple hours. Many in the group felt that would be too much to deal with, so we've moved to Stalagg server, which is also high pop. but not, as of Aug 19th, projected to have severe queues.
Come join us! Name reservations are open right now, and if you have an active subscription, you can create and reserve names for three toons.
Foo Stalagg Discord is open. It's the same Discord the WoW crew used back in the Aggramar days. For a Discord invite please see the main Foo Discord, Login to the forums, Contact an Officer, or hit up the Foo Guild Facebook page.