Hi Guys and Gals!
Average Pilots is recruiting players for LowSec solo PVP, WH farming, and general helpurry for NEW BRO's.


  • 21+ years of age IRL
  • Must not be a wanker
  • TS3 interview, we are going to make you say things so we can make sure we understand the things you say
  • English speaking, doesn't need to be primary language

Things that make you a good fit:

  • You are a new bro or returning player
  • You don't care about your killboard
  • You like playing EVE SOLO
  • You don't really like High Security space
  • You like being around people who are all grown up IRL
  • You are self sufficient with ISK

Things that make you a bad fit:

  • You want to make lots of ISK and need help doing it
  • You want SRP when your space ships explode
  • You only want to do fleets

Things we do:

  • Solo LowSec PVP
  • C3 WH ratting and mining
  • POCO bashing
  • High Sec war assistance
  • Small gang PVP
  • Help new bro's and returning players
  • Forums, TS3, and Discord
  • Remove all inactive pilots. No login for 30 days, you get the boot
  • We are part of the Weekend Warriors alliance, there are typically fleets every day in the Euro TZ for Null/Low PVP

Our pilots are involved in many activities across New Eden and come from a variety of skill levels and backgrounds. We are a Solo PVP learning corporation and are here to assist players in obtaining the most fun possible from Eve Online in Low Security space, typically with many explosions. If you are interested in joining us feel free to join the in-game channel Be Average and speak with a recruiter. We evaluate attitude, not win loss ratios or ISK efficiency.


Average Pilots CEO
Joebane Maetheon

Brrc Flynn
Joebane Maetheon