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    Calling all Foo’s for Battle for Azeroth!!

    Calling all Foo’s who want to get back into WOW. A bunch of us are actively playing or in the process of re subbing to play the new expac, Battle for Azeroth, on Aggramar Alliance in Foo. If anyone wants to join back up under our illustrious Foo tag and play with old friends and chat on coms message here and leave your battletag info so we can hook up in game and I’ll get ya invited to the guild. I know a bunch of us miss the friendships and just playing with other people and chatting on coms. My battletag is [SEE MEMBER FORUMS/DISCORD/FACEBOOK]
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  2. I put this on the front page for you as well. Hope you guys get a good turnout!

  3. I stripped your battle tag so it wouldnt be visible to the masses of nerds who view our frontpage.

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    Thanks Joe! I reluctantly retired my goblin goddess to her farm in Panda Land and rolled a dwarf. She's cute. She'll do.

    The leveling is super easy now, folks, and you can get back to endgame and a decent gear level for mythics very quickly. We'll help. Come play with me!! Sigh.

    (Did that sound desperate enough?) /grin

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