As there seems to be a low point in game releases. I will be playing Albion Online (main page with recruit link). I'm not sure how much it will be at release in 2 weeks. But the cheapest founders pack is 30 bucks. Comes with 30 days premium service, (gives you faster progression and more loot / gathering loot) and you can spend in game currency to get premium as well. Can play cross platform on something like phones, macs, windows, tablets all with varying performance.

I watched a video from some guy, he said it is basically required to have a guild / group to play with to get to the better gear levels. So I'm letting you guys know I'll be playing. I can always pick up a random guild in game if nobody ends up playing.

I haven't looked at the game very much, but apparently it's a group pvp game. Certain zones are have various pvp rules, don't lose items on death, lose some items, and lose all gear you are wearing. The abilities are attached to the types of gear / weapons you are using. So you can be anything, but you have to level each one up to wear better ones.

At first look of the graphics I was like no thanks, but as I don't see something better getting released any time soon I'll play anyway. I downloaded it today, played a little bit. I started with a few tutorial quests. But then it seemed to leave it up to sandbox play, no quests. You go kill stuff of certain quality while wearing certain quality gear to progress further. Craft specific things to get better at it. Mine. etc.

Not gonna lie, I was bored immediately (I only played for an hour). But maybe it gets better when you can pvp? You can do dungeons, pvp, or go grind whatever you are leveling up. I glanced at the guild vs guild, you control territories and you can build personal crafting buildings, etc. You have some GvG to own cities to get taxes (Like BDO). You can buy shops, and people that use your shop you get money from it. Random stuff.

I'm sure you guys can do your own research as well. I didn't do much research, as another friend of mine got it so I got it to play with him.

Anyway that's all I got.

If you decide to pick up the game and don't have anyone doing recruit a friend on you. You guys can use my link if you want. So to use this link, you click the link (this sets a cookie on your website visit). It takes you to a page with "Get Albion", before you click get or buy, click register at the top right, make your account, then proceed to buy a package (if you end up getting a key first, you can apply it to your account after registering).

So the recruit a friend rewards are tiered, if you spent 100 bucks on the best package then the people you recruit gives you 2 - 3 times more per person you recruit. But since I bought the cheap one I wouldn't benefit very much, so the following link is my friends recruit link who has the best package and I'll force him trade me some rewards right!

Here is the recruit link:

Here is a 3 hour video from some guy that has played since alpha (like 2 - 3 years ago) if you want lots of info

Anyway hit me up if you have any questions or need something.

If you use the recruit link thank you! See you around.