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Foo Guild Rank System
Icon Name / Description

Guild Leader (G1)
The final authority on all guild matters.

Members who received this rank: 1

Executive Officer (XO)
The Executive Officer serves at the pleasure of the Guild Leader and is the Second in Command regarding all matters requiring immediate attention.

Members who received this rank: 1

Council (C1)
Together with the Guild Leader, the Council comprises the governing body of the community. The Council acts in an advisory and administrative capacity while holding an elevated level of authority.

Members who received this rank: 5
Phwap, Aramane, Kerp, Paribus, matheon

Officers (Administration)
Officers that serve the guild in an administrative capacity

Members who received this rank: 2
Jadue, Aloss
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Veteran (V1)
Our most honored member rank. Their long-term, continual, service speaks for itself; a paragon of all that it means to be Foo.

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Veteran - Off Duty (V2)
Our most honored member rank. Their long-term, continual, service speaks for itself; a paragon of all that it means to be Foo. Members of this group are considered to be off duty and may be returned to active duty at any time.

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Member (M1)
All those who have proven themselves worthy of respect within our ranks.

Members who received this rank: 185
Saeul Trigue, Darra Qol'Moruu, Phedre, michell, Inuria, Toron, Arakas, Locri, Melestara, Hatetank, Obie, Kyrse, karau, Tobath, Impulse, bengjie, Skulgak, Retspan, Meister, nesfreak156, Anorfidus, Joor, sumato, Simon_Grape, Foulblade, ciro, Redskull, baddps, Shady, Marlle, Jimmel, Bountiful, Riot, Vladar, Gizo, Anadus, Jaxon, Shammah, Brotato, MikalH, Tryndamere, cupcake, Battista, Sethos, Decay, shieldb, Rexxus, Serris, Streamlined, DCannon, Bentleigh, Oldie LeStink, Gerild, MacTire, Esou, Nephlite, Mortifer, updrage, Baelaeg, Orphen, RATT, Morce, Checkswing, Poisionous, moriali, fatalis, Oraxist, Helmuth Arrowstorm, vesu, Randy, The Blind Man, GeorgiaDawg, MissYuki, Creative, seltron, Vvar, Rogue Mental Patient, tjharlow, snacktime, Barbie, Yotsu, dao, WaaWaa, Cozza, CylonHunter, reilmann, Frammshamm, Tyduz, Dizzi, Deathbringer, Goon, Snu, Kayal, kwalz, Battle7, Boogie, Gibo, Bwuaaa, Papito, Takyon, Snissel, FancyP, Technologic, Vok, Brodie, Dallavise, Nox, Tink, Colorless, Izemka, Nat, Antidote, BarbadosSlim, Chrisma, Prayimiss, Zacra, lunarsky0988, Bloodripple, Kinohura, Esh, Morvis, JamaicanChip, Crumb, DonCorleone, shlayerhk, Kaervan, Kalonos, Eynon, eXplague, Top, bluensoer, FootSteps, Feyzor, Pander Beers, Cephalonyx, Keith31487, vSyNd, Bangarang, Ace, RipTow, Phastion, blueferral, beaubot, mfoxx, storypup, wgm121, Urkelbot, Dumduq, KurosMalkil, Danatal, Tetrix, Agitated, stationm0nte, Kgs, DigitalMystik, CookieMafia, Napkinz, Abdon, SSAUDA, Verazon, Hezrou, kamensky, Shaileen, Squoggle, Reknar, Asaphora, Erotik, Xar, Mike, Korres, mdemonte, Botan, Dark1ing, Ishaeli, Samyrchan, Airries, Znick, Zanarkand, Oziris, Rohe, Raizex, Sami, Squin, Neillio, DevilGreed
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Recruit (M2)
Persons in this category are typically within their 90 day probation and are working with a mentor.

No member has this rank
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