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03-10-2016, 12:51 PM
I'm starting on the grind for a Noble Wagon. I'll will make edits to my post as I make progress. Here is the recipe:


Wagon Horse - Can be purchased from Stable Keepers
Sturdy Pine Plywood - Requires Pine Plywood (See http://www.fooguild.com/forums/showthread.php?9529-BDO-Basics-Upgrading-your-production-for-plywood-and-more!) and Plywood Hardener Heated together
Brass Ingot - Requires melted zinc shards and melted copper shards heated together
Fine Soft Hide - Dry 10 Soft Hide
Black Stone Powder - Marketplace, Grind crystals, or use a worker at a refinery to grind rough stone into powder

The hard parts

If you can make plywood you should be able to make Fine Soft Hide I think.
Brass Ingots require zinc, some members say you can get zinc from manual mining certain types of stone.

Andesite, Bloodstone, and Sandstone give zinc ore. Can be found East of Velia.

Sturdy Pine Plywood - Requires Knowledge and Plywood Hardener



Plywood Hardener - Requires Gathering Skilled 5 and Alchemy Apprentice 1 - meeting these requirements should reveal a quest from an npc in Trent.

Pure Powder Reagent X 1
Bloody Tree Knot X 3
Fir Sap X 4
Trace of Earth X 3

Also a bit of a time sink into building the workshop. There is a tier 3 wagon workshop in Calpheon.