View Full Version : BDO Guide - How to build yourself a bigger boat!

03-15-2016, 06:00 PM
You have two options...you can either buy a ship on the marketplace or you can build one. This tutorial is assuming you already know how to gather the mats/process them.

If you choose to build your own ship, you will need to find a house that will allow you to turn it into a shipyard. See below on how you can filter on the houses to find said house. Buy that house - it will take about 2 hours before you can place a worker in it. In the mean time you can gather up the resources and have them IN YOUR WAREHOUSE.


I will skip over making a raft since we saw how slow they really are but they take 25 logs and 3 black stone power if you really want one for your very own.

Here is a list of all the ingredients you need for creating a ferry.


Next, click on the button on the bottom to "Manage Crafting"


Finally if you have all your mats in your warehouse ready to go, click "Start Work"

**Note you can pool your workers together (if you have the lodging to handling it) and get your boat built faster. Wherever your workers are coming from is where their mats need to be in the warehouse though**

If you want a fishing boat, you will need to head out to Iliya Island (NPC boat takes you there from Velia). That has a lvl 2 shipyard you can get (pictured below as well as mats needed). Epheria has the other lvl 2 Shipyard on the main land. Just remember you will have to connect nodes to there if you want to use workers from other cities.