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03-01-2007, 02:49 AM
Ok guys I respec'd my alt to a munitions trader to mess around with the RE system, and we got our FIRST +35con, +35prec, +35stam Armor Attachment.

Heres how I did it. *warning this will take A LOT of loot & retrofitting tools* This is the only way known to get +35 bits.

1) Reverse Engineer a piece of loot with a stat. The higher the stat the better. Does not have to be 2 or 3 stat. In fact SAVE all 2 or 3 stat items untill later. I prefer to use single stat clothes or jewelry (except for awesome multi-stat jewelry).
i.e: 25stam shirt = +25 power bit +/-

2) Make a modifier bit that HAS a conversion ratio of 1 (this is a must). Because of this I used up our shield module junk items...I will replenish them. :)

3) Combine the power bit and modifier to get an SEA (25 con +/-)

4) Retrofit a piece of looted armor, and place the SEA there. Reverse Engineer the Armor to get an IMPROVED power bit. The number will be higher than what it was previously.
The higher the CL of the armor the better the outcome will be, although it is not as consistent from what I've seen but I did see a 29con chestplate go to +35 1st order power bit using an armor with CL89. Note only certain types of armor will work. The ones with the really long names are the armor than can be retrofitted.
i.e: Reflective, Buffered, Insulated, Heat Resistant, Cold Resistant Armor
of _______. You get the picture.
5) Rinse and repeat untill you get the desired power bit.

6) To get second or third order power bits. Wait untill you get the power bit to around +32-34 (the closer to 35 the better). Create an SEA out of it, and place it again in a retrofitted armor. This time when you Reverse Engineer the retrofitted armor, put a 2 stat or 3 stat loot with the retrofitted armor and Reverse Engineer. The outcome will be a 2nd or 3rd order bit depending if you put a 2 or 3 stat loot.

This will take a lot of loot both stat and junk to get +35s on all power bits. So I suggest that we keep every single loot we get. Seperate the clothing/jewelry from the armor, as we will be retrofitting the armors. Use the highest stat possible on the first RE attempt to reduce the number of times we have to RE that power bit to get to +35.

We will need to get a factory run on retrofit tools also to make this as smooth as possible. We also have to figure out which junk loot drops the most so we can get a good stash of it to make modifier bits for this process. i.e. chassis blueprints and hyperdrive units or medical device and shield modules.

If we want to farm high level armor loot. The best and most consistent way I know of doing it is getting a full group together. Go to corellia and pick up cl 90-92 Lord Nyax Cult missions from player cities. Once we have the missions, we go to the first lair kill all the mobs and attack the lair till 1/4 health is left. Proceed to the next lair and do the same. Then head back to the previous lair and there will be a new spawn of npcs there. Rinse and repeat. Just dont blow up the lairs.

The mission will not be deleted if we disband the group, as long as its still in your datapad. However DO NOT DISBAND the group until all lairs are spawned with the full group or all you'll get are 3 npcs per lair.

Hopes this helps. Let me know what you guys think.

*edit* I have found that using constitution modifier seems to always bring the power bit up. When I used stamina and precision the power bit either stayed the same, went down a point or two, or only increased by 1 point up. *edit*


03-01-2007, 08:27 AM
Very Nice! I just added some stat'd armor to H last night. This seems like a time consuming, money eating effort. So I am in no rush by any means to achieve although I will do my best to help contribute to it. I do not think any of the skill enhancing attachments work at all nor do the powerups so the only thing really worthwhile at the moment seems to be the stat'd attachments. /cheer for you getting this 35x3 though that kicks ass! I'll do my best in collecting more crap

03-01-2007, 06:45 PM
Ya with this process we can turn a +15 power bit to a +35, but it will take more loot to get it there. So lets save the +25 single stat items to do these with, so we will use less loot as possible.

03-15-2007, 10:39 AM
Where is everyone :confused: I haven't seen anyone on ???? just very few members???:(