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06-19-2012, 01:34 PM
No Subscription and Game Design

3311 (http://www.arena.net/blog/is-it-fun-colin-johanson-on-how-arenanet-measures-success)

A new article on Arenanet's blog, Colin Johanson comments on designing a game from the ground up with the goal of having no subscription. The implications of having no subscription fee go deeper than some might think at first glance!

The article can be found here. (http://www.arena.net/blog/is-it-fun-colin-johanson-on-how-arenanet-measures-success)

If we chose fun as our main metric for tracking success, can we flip the core paradigm and make design decisions based on what wed like to play as game players? Can we focus our time on making meaningful and impactful content, rather than filler content meant to draw out the experience? Can we make something so much fun you might want to play it multiple times because its fun, rather than making you do it because the game says you have to?

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Good read, thanks!

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Awesome read! I can't get enough of Guild Wars 2 stuff! =P