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“Everything's gone! They took everything! We used basically the last of our money for the permit to perform here, I have NOTHING to pay you with!” “I don't care, Jacob. We had a deal and I'm not leaving til I get payment.” Jacob sighed and rubbed his forehead, not knowing what to do. Herrod, the head security officer, stood in front of Jacob refusing to go anywhere. Jacob turned when he saw Bundor, Kayah, Margus, Raine, and the dwarf guard enter the tent. His face turned bright red and stomped towards where they were staring. “Little good it was hiring guards! We were robbed blind! EVERTHING was taken and now YOUR boss has the gall to demand I pay him!” Raine and Kayah assumed they had to be talking to the others because they worked the circus.

“They did their job, Jacob. They went after that horde that was coming. It's not their fault you were robbed.” said Herrod. Herrod, turned to the guards and asked, “Where are the others?”

Margus took a moment to explain that Thorn had stayed back to talk to Drex and Mac was going back to loot bodies of the fallen horde.

Herrod turned his attention back to Jacob. “Now, are you going to pay me or do I need to get the government involved?” “What am I going to pay you with?! There...is...nothing....LEFT!” screamed Jacob. “Fine, we are going to do this the hard way. You'll find the minotaurs are not as forgiving as me.” Herrod turned to walk away when Raine called out “Wait! We don't need to get the minotaurs involved. What will it take to keep them out of this? How much?”
Herrod thought for a moment, rubbing his chin. “You pay my guards the 5 gold they were promised and I will leave.” “Uh,” Margus spoke up, “my pay was supposed to be 10 gold.” “So was mine but I've got a gripe with you, Herrod. One of your boys turned on us. Know anything about that?” “No, that's not my concern.” Herrod started to turn around but Bundor quickly grabbed him by the collar and brought him to his face. “He almost killed Thorn. A guy YOU hired. Seems kinda fishy that one of your guards picks that time to turn on us.”

“You'd better take your hands off of me, minotaur. You'll regret it if you don't.” threatened Herrod. “Or what? I'd like to see you try something. I think you need to start talking.” replied Bundor. “I don't know anything about it, so let me go or so help me...”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” interrupted Raine “listen. I'll pay your guards. Let's just put this all behind us. Your shifter buddy is fine. We really don't need this trouble. Herrod, I'll pay your guards the 10 gold each and we'll get out of here.” “Fine,” he said, wrenching free of Bundor “but you'd better be gone before the sun comes up. You're going to need that head start because I will be reporting this. Your circus better never show up here again.” He stormed out of the tent.

Raine gave Bundor, Margus, and the dwarf guard 10 gold then excused herself to get the camp packing up. The dwarf walked out the tent. “We should go tell the other three about payment and then get going.” said Margus to Bundor, who agreed. “I'll join you” said Kayah “I want to check on the shifter. He might need a more healing.” With that they set about their business.


Thorn had stayed behind a ways back to talk to his new friend, Drex. “How about you start talking?” asked Thorn. “You almost killed me and if you don't start explaining I might return the favor. Why the hell did you attack me? Were you working with the orcs?”

“No, I wasn't working with the orcs. I was hired to guard that circus just like you and the others.”
Thorn continued questioning for a few more minutes when he was approached by Bundor, Kayah, and Margus. “Any luck?” asked Bundor. “Nope. According to him he's never seen us before tonight, he didn't know the orcs or what they were doing.” replied Thorn. Bundor crouched down to talk to Drex. “What did you and your boss Herrod have planned for tonight? Some easy money?” Drex sighed “I was helping Herrod out tonight as a favor. He didn't have enough guards to fill the contract that he signed. My only job was the same as yours.”

“Stop lying to me!” Thorn seemed to roar, his cat like eyes filled with fury. “You can't lay there and lie to me. If it wasn't for Bundor and that cleric I'd be dead. You didn't just decide out of the blue to attack me, especially with what was happening at the time. You HAD to have had something to do with this.”

“Fine, you want the truth? I panicked. It didn't matter who was standing near me. They would have gotten hit just like you.” confessed Drex. “Panicked? You're kidding me?” scoffed Thorn. “I'm not. The stupid dwarf was just lobbing spells every which way. One of them almost hit me. I'm not a big fan of the arcane. I just...reacted.”
Bundor couldn't help but believe Drex. It seemed that Thorn was no so happy with his explanation.

Thorn, out of the corner of his eye, caught a glimpse of the dwarf they had fought with but something seemed....strange about him. Was his hair always that color?


Kayah could see that Thorn was doing just fine after his injury and could see that he wasn't going to be done with Drex for a while longer. She excused herself to find Mac and check up on him as well. Margus followed her.

Kayah and Margus had reached the bodies of the orc horde and there was no sign of Mac. They had barely started searching when Margus noticed something moving at the treeline. As he looked closer he could see that Mac was knocked out cold and being dragged into the forest. Margus cried out “Hey!”

By the time Margus and Kayah made it to the treeline Mac had stopped being dragged and his kidnappers were long gone. They bent down to start rousing Mac. When he came to he said he didn't know what had happened. “I was looking through some of stuff on the bodies and WHAM something hits me in the back of the head and now I'm looking at you.”
Margus was the first to start standing up. That's when he saw her. There was a woman standing near the orc bodies, looking around. Her hair was a vibrant shade of pink. “We gotta head to the trees” whispered Margus as he pointed towards the pink haired woman. But it was too late.


Toox was looking around for the other fighters near the bodies of the group of orcs. She knew she had seen two of them come this way.

She spotted them near the trees a little ways away. The deva and the half elf were crouching over one of the minotaurs. She started walking towards them and she noticed that the half elf was slowly backing towards the forest.
“Um, excuse me. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright. Do you guys need any help?” The deva and the minotaur stood up and the half elf just kept inching towards the forest. Mac dusted himself off. “I think everything is okay now. I have a headache but that's about it.”

A scream in the distance caught everyone's attention and sent them running back to the tent. When they came back upon the tent it was ablaze and the bodies of the workers were scattered about. Raine could do nothing but stare at her life went up in flames. Raine's mother and father were among the dead. She tried her best not to collapse on the spot. Everything she had ever known was now gone. Knowing there was no time for mourning right now she quickly snapped out of her trance and grabbed her mother's tarot cards and locket. She then grabbed one of the rare boars from the animal pen. They all had to leave before whoever did this came back.

Thorn and Bundor ran up to the group. Bundor had been carrying Drex on his back. “Untie me, we'll never get far if you have to carry or drag me everywhere,” suggested Drex, “I've told you the truth about what happened and I have to get out of here just as much as you do. And I'm not going back to that tent and get that pinned on me so I'm with you guys.” “He IS really, really heavy with all his armor, Thorn,” added Bundor. Reluctantly, Thorn cut Drex's bonds. “Don't try anything.”

The party got a good distance into the forest and decided it was ok to slow down. They all walked in silence not knowing where to go. “So, where exactly are we headed?” asked Toox. Margus replied and stopped to dig through his pack producing a map.“Anywhere but back there.” Pointing at the map Margus started to explain “We are somewhere around here, the forest just south of Premaria. The road is back to the west and to the north. But we need to completely avoid roads for a while. Also, I believe going north is not an option since that's the way we came.” “West it is,” remarked Thorn. “We'll keep going for a while and then find a definite route once we have a chance to camp.” The group continued walking west.

Thorn hung back near Toox as they all traveled. When he was sure he was out of earshot of the others he looked to Toox. “You know, I think we've met before.” Toox smirked “I'm sure we haven't.” “No, no. I'm pretty sure I have. I mean, you look different then when I first remember meeting you. You lost the beard and gained a couple of feet, am I right?” Toox's smirk faded and she stared straight ahead. “Quite an imagination you have there.”

“Uh huh.” Thorn smiled to himself and picked his pace back up to get in step with a few of the other group members. He might need to keep that ace up his sleeve for a while. It might come in handy one day.

They hadn't been walking very long when the air suddenly became very heavy. Even heavier than the air was the silence. The forest had previously been filled with the songs of the night, nocturnal animals, tree branches swaying in the wind but now there was nothing. “The fog” whispered Thorn. “Fantastic, I was just wondering what could happen next,” Mac commented sarcastically. On edge, the party continued on slowly.

Suddenly, a wraith came shrieking out of the fog. It's eyes gleamed with hate for the living as he took a savage swipe at it's nearest target, Mac. He dodged the blow effortlessly. Kayah, muttering prayers to her god, and Bundor charged toward the wraith.

Seeing the melee combatants closing in on him the wraith flew into the air. But he was not out of range for Toox, Margus, Thorn, or Raine. Quickly, Margus blasted it with a dark bolt of energy almost in unison with Toox as she cast her multi-color energy bolt. The bolts almost looked as if they were dancing before crashing into the wraith. An arrow came singing through the air from behind it where Thorn had waited for his opportunity. It's fiery mouth seemed to contort with rage and pain. It turned quickly to go after Thorn but was stopped as Raine threw what looked like a rope of lightening and lassoed the wraith, dragging him back to the ground.

As the wraith was brought back down it was met with Drex's blade. This blow seemed to be all it could take. A deafening shriek filled the air as the wraith seemed to evaporate out of sight. Coincidentally, the fog had dissipated as well. Slowly the sounds of the forest began to rise into it's normal volume. “We aren't ever getting out of this damn forest, are we?” asked Margus to no one in particular. “Not if we stand around here flapping our jaws, let's get the hell outta here.” remarked Bundor. Nodding in agreement, the party continued on. Hopefully the rest of their night would be uneventful, but somehow they all thought that wouldn't be the case.

After some more traveling the party decided it was safe to rest. It was silent around the campfire as everyone tried to go over what had transpired that night. The silence was broken by Toox. “So, where exactly are we going again?” Margus dug through his pack and produced his map once more. “If we keep going west we can make it to Fallcrest. It's a pretty good sized city. We could blend in pretty well considering it's diverse. We might even be able to pick up some information about some of our current happenings”

“Blend in?” asked Kayah. “Have you seen who is in our little group? I think two minotaurs traveling as equals in a party that not only includes non minotaurs but also a deva might stick out like a sore thumb.” Margus just shrugged. “I'm just saying it's close, it's big, it's convenient.” “We aren't exactly prepared for much more traveling.” added Thorn.

After maybe an hour of debating and weighing options it was settled. They would be traveling to Fallcrest. They could figure out what to do from there.

The night had gone pretty well and Mac was on the final watch before the sun came up when suddenly, like a flash, something came out of the trees and attacked a sleeping Drex. “What the?! Everyone up” yelled Mac! Everyone had just enough time to stand up and see something blur in and out of existence while attacking Drex, delivering a killing blow. And just as quick as whatever it was appeared it was gone.

Kayah ran quickly to Drex's side trying anything she could, any spell, that might save Drex. “He is beyond my healing. He is gone. We need to give him a proper burial.” Margus interrupted, “Listen, that thing had to be an animal of some sort. Maybe it's hungry and I mean....Drex here might slow it down.” There was almost a collective, silent agreement from everyone except Kayah. There was concern on her face but before she could respond someone else spoke up.

“Kayah,” Raine, breaking the silence she had kept up since finding her parents, said while quickly packing her belongings and checking on her boar, “whether you agree or not, it's not just about feeding that thing. That thing happens to be a fey panther. And those things tend to have masters. So we have NO time to bury him let alone sit around debating it, because that thing didn't just randomly pick out our position.”

“I don't think anything that's happened in the last few hours has been random. We should just keep moving.” remarked Bundor. “That thing seemed pretty dead set on Drex.” agreed Mac. Reluctantly, Kayah agreed and joined in with the others in packing up their things.

As the group traveled for the next couple of hours the group started noticing strange symbols carved into the trees. “Can we take a small break? I'd like to have a moment to try and figure out what these symbols might mean.” said Kayah. “I would as well” added Margus.

After a few minutes Margus spoke. “These seem to be religious but I can't figure out who they may pertain to. “Neither can I,” said Kayah “but I think they refer to something that's happened in the area. Almost like a warning.”
“Then that is our queue to get the hell out of here. We don't need any more danger at the moment,” remarked Bundor.

Suddenly the earth seemed to move beneath their feet. And in the blink of an eye the ground seemed to open up and swallow them whole.

Author: Harlie
DM: Joebane
Party Level: 1

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