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01-03-2012, 03:52 AM

The circus has come to Premaria! What wonders will you encounter? Death defying stunts, magical battles, mysterious card readers, exotic animals, and much more! Last show starts at midnight! Don't miss out on a night that you are sure to remember forever!

Midnight had finally come. The guards were changing shifts and the performers were getting ready for their final performance of the night. Security had been tightened due to recent raids the circus had experienced. The underwhelmed audience shuffled into the small circus tent hoping what they were seeing wasn't really what they were getting. No wonder there was a sign that read "no refunds" next to the ticket booth. But they all held onto hope, the area needed a pick me up. After about half an hour the show was in full swing.

The five guards outside the tent had settled into their posts when suddenly there was torchlight over the horizon. The guards could see a mix of orcs, a couple of orc dredges, and one very....very big ogre. Thorn's, the shifter guard, ears perked up and he stole inside to alert the circus manager. All that was said was basically "do your job" and "the show must go on." With those words the guards knew what they had to do. The shifter, the two minotaurs, two humans, and one dwarf headed towards the orc horde. Kayah, the deva, tending to the poor animals that had been injured during the course of the show, joined their group as they went by and she saw what was in the distance. It looked like they would need her help. The guards would be earning their pay tonight.


Raine, the Genasi, had seen the exchange out of the corner of her eye. The cat like guard walked out of the tent as well as some woman with extremely pink hair. She artfully dodged her father's burning blade at the last moment as rehearsed and reveled in the gasp from the audience. She had moved into the line of site of Jacob, the circus manager, and their eyes met. Jacob's eyes were wide and seemed worried. He made a wrap it up motion and pointed outside the tent. She had her orders. Now just a few more jabs and swipes. Gotta give the audience their show! Then she would find out what in the hells was going on.


Bundor, one of the minotaur guards, rushed into the group with the ogre. Mac, the second minotaur guard, was right behind him. Bundor slammed his body into the ogre, knocking it to the ground. Immediately Mac began bludgeoning the ogre as it struggled to protect itself and stand up. A heavy swing hit Bundor square in the chest, almost knocking him out. Luckily, he was able to hang on and steady himself. Mac finished off ogre and turned his attention to the startled minions behind him. How could the two of them have taken down their ogre so quickly?!

As the minotaurs made swift work of the ogre, Margus the half elf and the dwarf guard were busy slinging curses and spells. The were knocking down minions left and right, having great success with every cast.

As Raine joined the battle she could see it was almost wrapped up. But that wouldn't stop her from having her fun too! If Kayah got to then so would Raine! Quickly, she appeared next to her target and starting swiping with her sword and throwing lightening. Kayah was fighting groups of orcs, easily bashing them. This was almost going too easy.

Thorn and Drex were fighting one of the dredges and a few the smaller orcs. Thorn was lobbing arrows and Drex was hacking with his longsword. They were also making quick work with their opponents when suddenly Drex turned on Thorn, catching him with his longsword. The blow to Thorn sent him to the ground, barely clinging to life. Seeing this, Bundor rushes to Thorn's aid and stabilizes him after a few tense moments of uncertainty. Drex began running away.

Around that same time the horde decided they were in a losing battle and began a quick retreat. Some of the party focused on these stragglers as the others captured Drex. He would have a lot of explaining to do. “Tie...him...up...” said Thorn, still trying to recuperate from the blow Drex had dealt him. Despite the injury there was fury in Thorn's eyes.

Some of the party had some questions about these recent events and, damn it, they would get some answers. Something was going on and they needed to figure out what. They started making their way to back to the tent, dragging Drex behind them.

Author: Harlie
DM: Joebane
Party Level: 1

- Campaign A is played in person and is set in the D&D 4th Edition world of Spar; Spar is a setting created especially for members of Foo Guild, more information is available in our member forums. Interested in playing D&D with fellow guild members; make a post about it, new local and remote groups are forming every day!

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That was an awesome read, and it sounds like all had fun. I wish I could have been there and participated! I hope that I can get in on the remote game someday. One word, "EPIC"
Nice post!