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After careful review of both public and private submissions, and after reviewing many very deserving candidates, it is with great honor that I announce the Player of The Year. I announce this directly because it is a very prestigous award, and one of the highest awards which can be earned in our community.

I am happy to announce that Ritta/Tumbarius is hereby awarded the Player of the Year title for 2011! The runners up were Dreven, Kerp, and Darkmane, both of which deserve good tidings and a pat on the back.

Ritta/Tumbarius has been an outstanding member of the guild over the years. This past year when we were desperately in need of administrative assistance to meet the extremely lofty pre-launch goals that I set, Ritta was one of the people who really stepped up, took charge, and blasted through hundreds of hours of work. Quite often administrative work is not noticed, the time investment isn't well accounted for, and the job is thankless in that people are quick to see lack of action or errors, but not quick to notice things like 60 second turn around time on website registration processing or diligence in setting people up in Ventrilo, or hours per night maintaining and synchronizing ranks between the game and the website.

Please take time to thank Ritta, Dreven, Darkmane, and Kerp personally for their service this year. They have all truly gone above and beyond the call of duty and we should all be honored to have them as members of our guild.

This Player of The Year reward is financially sponsored by the many proud members of Foo! Want to support the next Player of the Month reward? To support this program or any other Foo program, use the ďDonateĒ button in the secondary navigation bar. The award for this POTY is a Foo hoodie.

I wish to thank Ghara for managing the POTM/POTY and for the interview below.

--Interview of the Player of the Year--

I sat down with our newest Player of the Year, Ritta/Tumbarius, to talk with him about his online gaming experience, and all things Foo.

Ghara: Tell us a bit about yourself.

My real name is Steven; I'm 25, and live in southern Florida. I'm proud to say I'm one of the few natives left in the area. Unfortunately due to budget cuts I'm currently out of work, but I guess that just means I get to game more lol. What can I say... the dude abides.

Ghara: Do you have any hobbies or crafts you enjoy?

Well when I'm not gaming I enjoy fishing, boating, and pretty much anything on the water. I also enjoy all things involving the mini truck scene. Someday when money permits I have big plans for my Ranger. In addition I'm also big into art and tattoos. (Yeah I'm a strange one.)

Ghara: When did you join the guild and how did your membership come about?

I joined the guild in 2004 shortly after the launch of World of Warcraft. While questing in Arathi Basin with my brother (Tygray/Psythian) we grouped with Tagard and started asking questions about the guild. Sometime after that we were put in touch with Joebane and the rest is history.

Ghara: If you have serviced or are serving as an officer, tell us about that experience.

I'm currently serving as a Warrant Officer for the guild helping with recruiting, social networking, and pretty much anything that needs to be done. I really enjoy doing my part to help keep the guild running smoothly. It truly is amazing just how much work everyone puts in to keep the Foo Empire as active and healthy as it is. It's no small task...

Ghara: What was your first impression of the guild?

My first impression of the guild was that this is a mature and established group with clear goals and expectations of its members. It had (has) very strong leadership that was tough, but fair. The greater good is always top priority. Coming from the immature, annoying, and douche bag filled community of Counter-Strike it really was something amazing to see.

Ghara: How has that impression changed over time?

I wouldn't say it's changed, but it has gone on to solidify my initial feelings. I'm very good at getting a read on people and rarely is my first impression wrong.

Ghara: What does the guild mean to you?

It's just a great group of people to be involved with. Every day I log on I'm always amazed at the huge variety of people in our community. We have members stretched across every rung of the social ladder and seeing everyone come together is damn near magic.

Ghara: What games have you played with Foo?

I've officially played WoW, AoC, Warhammer, Rift, and now SWTOR with Foo.

Ghara: What is it about the guild that has made you stick with it through the years?

I would say the community and the leadership. You never have to guess where you currently stand as sugar coating isn't practiced here. Everything is always direct and honest. I'm also confident you can find the answer to nearly everything you ever wanted to know (and not know) here. Who needs search engines when you have Foogle?

Ghara: What advice do you have for new members?

Get involved. You really start to appreciate the community more when you actively help in making it better. I understand not everyone has the time to invest in something big, but just taking that extra second to answer a guildies question is really a great start. By stopping to help one you ultimately strengthen our group as a whole.

Ghara: If you could change anything about the guild, what would it be?

I wish we would go ahead and change over from a gaming community to our own country. Inevitably it would just turn into a nudist colony though. I guess on that note Iíd also like less wieners and more boobs.

P.S. Did I already say more boobs?

Ghara: Why do you think you were chosen as POTY?

I suppose I should take the high road and just say I have no idea. But noÖ I have something else to add for newer members so I wonít do that. First though I have to say I am truly surprised and wasnít expecting it. Iíve really been dedicating a lot of time into the guild to make sure our transition into SWTOR would be a great one. As much as I enjoy the banter on the forums it just doesnít compare to being in game with everyone. Clearly that effort was noticed. Now that brings me to what I wanted to say to our rookies. I know our community can seem large and overwhelming at times. Iím sure some of you feel at this point in our development it would be nearly impossible to ever get noticed and progress through our ranks. But Iím here to say that couldnít be further from the truth. For better or worse there is always someone watching and taking note. You may not notice today or tomorrow, but when you least expect it (right now!) the good you put out always comes back around.

Ghara: What do you look forward to in the next year online?

I look forward to the complete and total domination of our server. Iím ready for the Republic tears to flow as we inevitably stomp them into oblivion. All who oppose the Foo Empire shall perish.

Ghara: What is your favorite memory gaming with Foo?

Itís a tough call, but I really enjoyed the old vent interviews. Those were truly comedy gold. At some point I hope for their return.

Ghara: What kind of rig do you game with?

Well my desktop is getting a bit dated now but I have:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHZ Ė OCíd to 3.5GHZ
8 Gigs of Ram
MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC
27in Asus Monitor
Logitech G930 Headset
Logitech G700 Mouse

For my mobile addiction I just got an ASUS G74SX. This thingís a beast of a laptop.

On a final note I just want to thank everyone who considered me for this great honor. In the coming year I look forward to us solidifying our lasting mark in everything we do. Long live Foo!


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Congrats you earned it.

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Yeah, Tumb! Grats man!

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Well deserved! Congratulations!

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congratulations! and thank you again for all the work you've done helping our little community along!

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Congratulations Ritta!! :)

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Congrats. Great job over the year and forward.

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Congrats!, with a sincere thank you. All that extra work you put in to make our swtor launch smooth was very appreciated.

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Grats Ritta! Grateful to have people/players like you in Foo :thumbup:

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Everyone really does deserve a huge round of applause getting the goals met for launch.

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Gratz and well deserved!

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Thanks again everyone!

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A big congratulations to Ritta and the runners up. You're all a shining example of the epic quality of our foo family!

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Thanks for all the work you do!

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You are the exclamation point at the end of the sentence, "foo kicks ass!"

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