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12-31-2011, 12:43 PM
On Behalf of our Guild Master Joebane,

After careful review of both public and private submissions, and after reviewing many very deserving candidates, the Player of the Month has been selected.

I am happy to announce that Khaffen is hereby awarded the Player of the Month title for January 2012!

This Player of the Month reward is financially sponsored by the many proud members of Foo! Want to support the next Player of the Month reward? To support this program or any other Foo program, use the “Donate” button in the secondary navigation bar.

--Interview of the Player of the Month--

I sat down with our newest Player of the Month, Khaffen, to talk with him about his online gaming experience, and all things Foo.

Ghara: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Khaffen: Well, it's been a while since my Intro thread. I am waiting on my 50th birthday. I garden for a living. I am a big fan of Renaissance Festivals. I wear a kilt to in/formal gatherings. (Clan Campbell)

Ghara: Do you have any hobbies or crafts you enjoy?
Khaffen: I have a large reef system. I have one Bonsai tree. I have about 60 orchids.

Ghara: When did you join the guild and how did your membership come about?
Khaffen: I joined during Beta. I accepted a randomish tell while on DK and found out it was Foo. I racked my brain but can't remember how I associated it with MMO's. I found the Beta gang to be very lively and quite helpful. Kilth recommended that I check out the Guild site and the rest is history!

Ghara: If you have serviced or are serving as an officer, tell us about that experience.
Khaffen: I have not. I have in WoW with another Guild, but not with Foo.

Ghara: What was your first impression of the guild?
Khaffen: Smart.

Ghara: How has that impression changed over time?
Khaffen: It hasn't.

Ghara: What does the guild mean to you?
Khaffen: To me, a Guild is about community. It's socialization for me. I can help, and be helped, without a lot of stress.

Ghara: What games have you played with Foo?
Khaffen: Just SW:TOR

Ghara: What is it about the guild that has made you stick with it through the years?
Khaffen: Sometime this summer, I will be at a year with Foo, if we count Beta. Instead, I will say what kept me with my WoW guild for years. It's a kind of family. I know the peeps, like the peeps, and enjoy the banter. I like that a conversation can occasionally go deeper without stepping on toes.

Ghara: What advice do you have for new members?
Khaffen: Get involved. Speak up. ATTEND FOOCON!

Ghara: If you could change anything about the guild, what would it be?
Khaffen: I am not a big "changer". Things are what they are. Warts and beauty marks go together. =)

Ghara: Why do you think you were chosen as POTM?
Khaffen: I have no clue. I have tried my best to step up and help. So much about SW:TOR needs an instruction manual. My time in Beta can help, and I am happy to do that. I am also charming, contrarian and sometimes vulgar.

Ghara: What do you look forward to in the next year online?
Khaffen: Valor Rank 100. That's one goal. A second and third level 50.

Ghara: What is your favorite memory gaming with Foo?
Khaffen: Datacron hunting on Taris and NS with Kilth. But more memorable is my (pitiful) attempt to direct Kilth to a 'cron on Taris in Guild Chat. ;)

Ghara: What kind of rig do you game with?
Khaffen: One I built. Gigabyte MoBo. AMD Phenom III BE. 12GB's DDR. 2 x 5770's in Crossfire (...for which I thank all those who helped me with that decision on our forums). All in a Silverstone case.

Thank you Khaffen for your participation, its been a pleasure getting to know you better and Congratulations on being chosen for PotM for January 2012!! :cool:

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Grats Khaffen!

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Well deserved, Kaffen. grats! :D

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Congrats man good to know someone is older than me. Plus it gives me hope to know ill still be cool at 50

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Congrats to you.

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congratulations! well deserved.

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Congratulations Khaffen!

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Grats Khaffen, now make me stuff!

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Thank you all for the kind words and wishes!

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