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12-08-2011, 04:32 PM

On Behalf of our Guild Master Joebane,

After careful review of both public and private submissions, and after reviewing many very deserving candidates, the Player of the Month has been selected.

I am happy to announce that Krig is hereby awarded the Player of the Month title for December 2011.

This Player of the Month reward is financially sponsored by the many proud members of Foo! Want to support the next Player of the Month reward? To support this program or any other Foo program, use the “Donate” button in the secondary navigation bar.

--Interview of the Player of the Month--

I sat down with our newest Player of the Month, Krig, to talk with him about his online gaming experience, and all things Foo.

Ghara: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Krig: I am nerd at heart I guess, even though my job says otherwise. I have been in the Marine Corps for the last 11 years as a Maintenance Chief for any Radio system; I have 3 kids as of right now and a Beautiful wife. I have been playing online games for as long as I can remember.

Ghara: Do you have any hobbies or crafts you enjoy?

Krig: Hobbies include, My Mazdaspeed 3 car, Car stereo installation, Fixing anything electronic, and playing around with my kids.

Ghara: When did you join the guild and how did your membership come about?

Krig: I joined the guild back in World of Warcraft around 2005 or 6, I was alone in the game and some of my coworkers were playing with you all and that is how I got involved, IE dyalar that crazy bastard. That was when we made the Dog of War group inside Foo. For us Military people.

Ghara: If you have serviced or are serving as an officer, tell us about that experience.

Krig: I have both serviced and currently servicing as officer of the guild. I enjoy it for much, it shows a lot about the people behind the sense that makes a great guild go forward. To be able to help the guild grow and improve where there need is a honor to say you have make a mark in something that started so small and now has turned into something big like it is going.

Ghara: What was your first impression of the guild?

Krig: At first, coming from the outside in your do not know what to do or say, that guild ran a tight ship, there was times to do business and other times where we just would BS.

Ghara: How has that impression changed over time?

Krig: It was scary at first but later it felt like part of my family. It has changed as your grow over time to better understand people and say your have friends around the world, that you may have not meet in person, but share the say interests. I also feel like now that if some foo where in a jam, there is place we could reach out for some help.

Ghara: What does the guild mean to you?

Krig: The guild means a place to talk, play games with, interact with a family that is all over the world. I may not have met anyone but with time you can call people friends. That is what the guild means to me.

Ghara: What games have you played with Foo?

Krig: Holy crap this is a long list, WoW, Rift, AoC, Warhammer, SWG, and soon SWTOR, I like that is everything if I forgot one oh well has been a blast.

Ghara: What is it about the guild that has made you stick with it through the years?

Krig: The reason I stuck with it through the years is the members and friendships I have made. It was interesting to go on a deployment to Iraq, missing 8 to 12 months of the game, but still be in contact with people asking how you are doing and everything, then when you get back it was like to never left, That is why I stuck around.

Ghara: What advice do you have for new members?

Krig: What advice can I give, Let yourself be known, do not be shy, get involved. The best way to become a member is make yourself know, do not be shy, know the rules and talk to people. We do not bite hard lol.

Ghara: If you could change anything about the guild, what would it be?

Krig: This is a loaded question, how do you respond to a question like this. I would have to say, that do not forgot where you all came from as a person or guild member, there are changes for reason but we just need to know, they are there for a reason. I think the change would be is that we need to embrace the new people and let them into the fold.

Ghara: Why do you think you were chosen as POTM?

Krig: No, freaking idea, it was a surprise to me and I think everyone. I have been the guy plugging away not really excepting anything. So when I got the PM I was surprised and shocked.

Ghara: What do you look forward to in the next year online?

Krig: To better support the guild. Play the games and things that make me, and the community happy to be around.

Ghara: What is your favorite memory gaming with Foo?

Krig: One memory I have playing with Foo that stands out over a lot of others, is the mighty DK train in Crossroads, Holding that town everyday was a blast. On that same note, was going out to the crossroads with Joebane(60 warrior), and Krig (60 paladin). Killing everything that showed up to stop us for hours, it was the time of my life.

Ghara: What kind of rig do you game with?

Krig: I game with a few years old, Gateway FX7026. Rig that I have made a few upgrades to. Upgraded the memory to 8 gigs, and video card to a geforce GTX550TI. I am looking at upgrading the whole thing but it works for now.

Thanks Krig, and Congratulations on winning PotM for December 2011! Your prize? A Foo T-shirt!:grinning-smiley-003grats!

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Grats Krig! Well done sir. Keep up the good work!

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congrats !! well deserved!

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Grats Krig! You da man!

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Sweet! Grats Krig...well deserved sir.

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Who is this krig guy, need to find him and ask how he got seleceted?

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Woot. Grats Man.

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Conga-rats man!!!!!

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I noticed he won a shirt. Where can I go to look at a foo shirt? I am curious because I own a screen printing company and I might be interested in helping provide these.

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WooHoo Michael about damn time. Thank you for your loyalty and devotion over the years!

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Congrats Krig

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Congrats Krig well deserved. Always fun running around with you.

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I noticed he won a shirt. Where can I go to look at a foo shirt? I am curious because I own a screen printing company and I might be interested in helping provide these.

Oh snap!

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Grats Krig! It's nice to learn more about you.

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