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11-04-2011, 05:50 PM

Official Communication from IFC/Foo Command

Soldiers, I address you today to inform you that we have once again been called to serve the Empire in a distant land. Many of you will soon receive orders for placement to stations in a galaxy far away. It is my duty as General of War pro tempore to remind you of what it means to serve under our banner, to represent our people, and the importance of ensuring victory.

Battle is a clash of will with courage being the key to the its final outcome. In every battle the actions of individuals exceed the call of duty and as much as discipline and adherence to training are fundamental aspects of victory, the supply of determination and courage are most important. War is a contest of wills and is fought by men, not the machines they control. There is no unending supply of courage in war and it is up to leaders in the field to ensure courage is renewed regularly through victory. Morale must also remain high, you will find your best source of morale among the remains of the Rebel forces you destroy. Take part in it liberally and regularly for there is great supply, leave none behind.

In War, we have always aimed to impose excessive and relentless stress on our enemies, so much so that they lose their will to fight. Often we have been successful and some times we have failed. In our failures, too often troops place blame toward those at the head of the Empire. Today I challenge you to remember always that war and battle are fought by the boots on the ground as much as in tactical planning holodecks. There is no more important person in this war than you, and it is you that the Empire counts on to ensure we demoralize our enemies, that we remove their will to fight, and that we renew our courage every day.

Leaders, remember lessons of old. If it goes wrong, it's your fault. If it goes well, the troops made it happen. We enter this battle with many experienced and veteran soldiers, but we know many will be joining us in battle for the first time. The new soldiers will be green, they will be unseasoned, but they are necessary to ensure victory. Novice soldiers will look to you to teach them how to be effective, cope with the stress of battle, and act decisively.

We have received the call. We have made preparations for battle. Now, we embark.

Rule Maetheon
General of War pro tempore

11-05-2011, 08:16 AM
Hear hear!

11-06-2011, 06:03 PM