View Full Version : Foo recruitment: Cataclysm, ToR, D3

09-19-2010, 11:06 AM
As posted on the WoW-Tichondrius forums:

Foo is a guild that has been together dating back to SWG, Asheron's Call and Subspace. Our core has over a decade of gaming as a team and we are by and large older, professional (in a non-gaming sense) players with a mixture of mid-to-late 20s and 30+ year olds. We are looking to possibly take on some new blood for the first time in several years as we prepare for the next expansion and other games on the horizon.

Some recent history:
We basically quit WoW in March following our first round of Kingslayers, most 10 man hard modes and 10/12 25 man on only two scheduled 3 hour raid nights/week due to the obviously repetitive direction the game promised until Cata. We have recently returned in preparation for the expansion and would like to recruit some like-minded gamers that don't fall into the typical categories of human being that populate the internet. We do not have any specific requirements regarding gear and skill level, but we would rather consider whether our players would actually want to have a conversation over drinks with you. This has traditionally been enough to attract and retain solid gamers. Husband/wife gamers are encouraged.

With that said, our top 10-man raids are extremely competitive and are not for the casual player. The 1st group slots are most likely already filled for Cata, but we expect to have several successful groups. For this reason, we normally do multiple runs of the current content which may include 25 man content w/alt filler. The focus on these raids is on fun and having a laugh on vent while still getting things accomplished.

We will most likely be playing casually for the remainder of LK (unscheduled alt ICCs, 25s with a few pugs, etc.), but fully expect to be a fun guild for progression-minded adults living with an adult schedule come xpac. If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to register on the forums and submit an application on the site.

All the best,