View Full Version : Attention Potential Server Transfers and Applicants

01-07-2010, 09:35 AM
We have recently had an influx of players from Stormreaver. Several of these players have Foo ties dating back to our Alliance days during classic. We realize that there may be more players looking to potentially make the move over and I wanted to make some things clear before anyone makes a decision they regret.

1) We are not a traditional raiding guild. This guild exists whether or not Onyxia needs to be killed for the 10,000th time. We only do 25 man content one night a week and it is only because it is an activity that the community enjoys. Most of us have been together 5+ years dating back to games such as Subspace and Star Wars Galaxies.

2) That said, our raid group is currently closed anyway. Anyone who transfers at this time comes with the understanding that it will not include a 25 man raid unless circumstances drastically change. This point cannot be overstated. Most people can acknowledge points such as this until they realize that it affects them directly. We would like to avoid this type of drama.

3) We do not need a specific class, spec or skill level of player. Nothing about your character selection or skill level will change 2). The only thing that gets folks into permanent positions is consistent activity. This means more than just logging on to WoW and being a passive participant.

4) Wermer/Tamrik's 10 man group is most likely full for its Wednesday raid. The other two groups are also full.

5) Our average age is well in excess of 25. Players who are still in high school, college, grad school, etc. will most likely find they have little in common with their guildmates.

We are always looking to add good people to the Foo community. If this guild is still attractive after the outlined points above, please feel free to submit an application on these forums. If you are having browser issues with our application, PM me.