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01-01-2010, 08:37 AM
Well its been an interesting ride since we have transitioned back from more pvp-centric failures such as AoC and Warhammer. Our accomplishments this past year are nothing to sneeze at when we consider that Foo ceased activity as a raid guild over 4 years ago. It has taken a lot of people buying into some very far-fetched ideas and some very difficult choices for people who have left their previous servers while trying to bring Foo (WoW) back to life. Some things to keep in mind about our community that I think are very important.

1) We have recruited zero players on Tichondrius. Any additions we have had have been through personal inquiry and have been based on the community, not on raiding potential. Our core is 100% original Foo, most dating back to the SWG (Foo, BC, Ronin) days.
2) We have lost zero players to "raid guilds." This obviously doesn't include the few who were still committed to guilds prior to our re-emergence.
3) We have picked up lots of old Foos from other servers along the way. Our most recent addtion of Wermer's "Poise" group is most welcome and we look forward to continued success in the New Year as the roster gets stronger and deeper. Welcome aboard.

Alright here goes:
6/23: Naxx 10, Sarth 10, Malygos 10
6/26: Sartharion 25
7/2: Naxx 25
8/7: Undying
8/8: Malygos 25
8/10: First several Hard Mode Uld 10s with more to follow
8/11: Keepers on 10
9/7: Trial of the Crusader 10
9/24: Onyxia 10
9/26: Keepers on 25
9/26: Onyxia 25
10/3: Trial of the Crusade 25
10/12: Trial of the Grand Crusader 10
12/15: Storming the Citadel 10
12/30: Storming the Citadel 25

This is to say that in six months time we went from an alt guild bank for selling Fish Feasts and other assorted foodstuffs to a legitimate 25 man raid guild. Its a true testament to our community, which continues to exist even when we aren't playing games together. As far as gaming goes, 2009 was a year to be proud of. I hope everyone has found this small aspect of our lives rewarding and fun this past year. Cheers to all. :beerchug:

01-03-2010, 01:09 AM
very well put Pari

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