View Full Version : Foo Con 09

08-18-2009, 04:21 AM
If i don't have you on the list as coming please let me know. Its under the Update Foo Con thread. Also this is a reminder of donations for food and such. Yes i know that alot of it has been covered. Also if you want to wait till you get here we can go to the store! However you will need to be here that friday so that we have everything by saturday for the big blow out. If there is anything else anyone needs from me just ask. I look forward to seeing you all! I can't wait to bartend! Hopefully I will have my bar built by then so we have a true " Foo Bar" lol. ALSO NEW MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-23-2009, 05:27 PM
Grackel and I are on the list, but I did not PM you to let you know we will be staying at the house. I talked to Joe, but did not follow up with you (sorry :bash:). We are bringing a tent, and a dessert. Made a small donation for the website licensing through paypal, but will bring cash to help out with last minute stuff for the party when we get there.