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03-31-2009, 06:25 PM
On Behalf of Guild Master Joebane,

After careful review of both public and private submissions, and after reviewing many very deserving candidates, the next Player of the Month has been selected.

I am happy to announce that Furcas/Dryden is hereby awarded the Player of the Month title for April 2009!

This Player of the Month reward is financially sponsored by the many proud members of Foo! Want to support the next Player of the Month reward? To support this program, paypal 'Joebane@ifc.fooboys.com' with your contributions. Or contact Joebane & Gummy for more details.

--Interview of the Player of the Month--

I sat down with our newest Player of the Month, Dryden, to talk with him about his love for online gaming, Foo and all things PvP.

Gummy: Why don't you tell us about your gaming past, what games have you played and what drew them to you?

Furcas: Started off in early 90s with Ultima Online pre-alpha test as my very first MMO. That was for the PVP. Neverwinter Nights (the original). That was for PVP as well. (the list went on and on)

Gummy: So I take it what draws you to a game is PVP?

Furcas: Yeah Iím big on that

Gummy: Have you always had your main character named Furcas/Dryden or do you switch it with each game?

Furcas: I got Dryden from an old AD&D Gold Box PC Game called Dark Queen of Krynn that I played back in 1990. Dryden was a Solamnic Knight in that game and part of the pregenerated party. Furcas was from WoW because Dryden was taken. I found Furcas while doing research on the Wiki. Itís the name of a demon. My character in WoW was undead and I thought it fit.

Gummy: How did you come to find out about Foo as a guild and in what game did you join us?

Furcas: WAR was the game I joined Foo and it was through Cigam. He played with you guys on AoC and was an old guild mate of mine from AoC (we were both in Onslaught and Static together).
Gummy: Do you think youíll stay with the guild even after we change games?

Furcas: Yeah I have a habit of sticking with guilds until they crumble or turn into empires. I don't like guild hopping. I prefer to make the place I'm at a better place.

Gummy: Can you give us a brief profile of yourself?

Furcas: Male, 27, single, white, says he has good candy :biggrin:

Gummy: What kind of PC are you running these days? Do you buy them or build them?

Furcas: I build them exclusively. I am a hardware nerd. At the moment I run:
Asus Rampage Formula x48 hd 4870x2 or gtx 260 (this varies depending on WAR patches -- the hd4870 likes to crash a lot) 1xwd raptor 150x3360 (2.83 ghz quad core) xeon @ 3.6 w/Thermalright 120 extreme lapped and Scythe S-Flex 120mm fan Xclio Windtunnel Case

Gummy: How do you feel about your WAR experience? Especially with us changing sidesÖDo you think youíre going to stick with this one for a while?

Furcas: Iím going to stick around. Especially when that new patch comes out I think everyone will be staying around for a while now.

Gummy: What class(es) are you playing and why?

Furcas: DoK, I like it so much because I can drop a DPS spec or I can spec as a healer so I can help the group out if needed. Normally I play a tank in the other games but I really like the DoK so I donít plan on switching.

Gummy: Well congratulations again on wining POTM for April!

Furcas: Thank you very much!

03-31-2009, 11:52 PM
OMG!!! awesome dude!!:bukkake:

04-01-2009, 10:22 AM
Awesome! Grats Furcas! Keep up the awesome gaming.

04-01-2009, 11:09 AM
awesome and well deserved

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04-01-2009, 10:17 PM
Congratulations to the Player of the Month Furcas/Dryden!

04-01-2009, 11:38 PM
Grats Bro

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I knew you would be a welcome addition to here bud! Grats on PotM!!