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11-14-2006, 11:11 AM
> Hello Foos, H'tead here to bring you some rather interesting news that may both excite & sadden you. I have moved both the PA hall and the city hall to new locale on naboo, I have included the waypoint. Old Fooville was choosen specifically for its location near theed for a reason. Those reasons are as followed and should explain as to why they no longer serve a purpose:
> 1) It was near an Imperial recruiter to convert our status from Covert to Overt at a moments notice.
> 2) Being near Theed we could utilize the SP that allowed 24 hour shuttling regardless of shuttle being there or not.
> 3) The River was also needed for the fire immunity against commandos.
> I have put much thought and time into the new locale of our New Fooville as well. I have choosen it based on these reasons:
> 1) It is without abanoned or "alien" homes/structures to conflict with reconstruction of Fooville.
> 2) It Is closer to the Imperial Forward base to utilize its potential with sway over the GCW.
> 3) It is closer to help obtain & maintain control over the Naboonian W.D.F.
> **** If you have any questions regarding my decision please feel free to contact me***
> ---H'tead Ouyot