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10-10-2008, 10:15 PM
Guild Meeting Notes(10/10/2008):

Starting next week veteran players will be marked on ventrilo as such. You should listen to these people, many of them have been in the guild for over 5 years and have historically been a good source of information. If you don't have it, get Ventrilo overlay, it is a great way to learn who is talking on vent while you are in game. See the forums for how to get and install this program. This being said, it is important to participate in the forums, as they are a great place to find out new information and to share your ideas and thoughts both game related and off-topic with your Foo family.

As the membership moves up in the ranks, you are encouraged to participate in guild sponsored RvR groups for scenarios and objective taking. These can be a lot of fun and a great way to get to know your guild mates better. In addition to this, grouping up to take RvR objectives and keeps is a great way to experience and learn about the content that will be our mainstay when we reach Tier 4 as a guild. Several RvR ventrilo channels have been made for each tier to assist in communication and coordination efforts among Foo Members.

Lastly, with our recent influx of new members, it is very possible that many of you may have questions about the guild, how it operates and what you can do to help out. If you have a question about a specific guild-related issue, you are encouraged to contact any officer of the guild or Joebane for assistance.

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