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10-05-2008, 11:45 AM
The mighty sounds of battle were heard across the land. As the Foo army gathered our forces in the war camp of Avelorn. We marched on to the keep to the west and begin to setup or weapons and smash in the heavy wooden keep doors. While we were attacking the doors our good friends the Arcanium came to reinforce the attack. With great numbers and detailed plans we swiped over the keep and claimed if for the forces of order.

After raiding the keep for the goods and gold left behind but the Destruction foes. We pressed on to the south and made quick work of a few objectives and the keep there.

Our scouts reported that the armys of evil were once again, attacking the keep we had just claimed and the battering ram at the door was making quick work of it. A call went out with Horns of Battle to come and Defend the stronghold. Foo and Arcanium drive back to the keep and setup defenses all over the outer walls replying as many destruction as we could be the force was to numerous to count. They had driven us into the keep as the last holding ground before they come upon the our beloved Lord.

As hot oil pours on there bodies, archers, wizards and cannons blow hole in there lines for hours which seem like days. The door gives way and the two army go in to the final stand for the keep. With sword and axes drown the heavy armored tanks go head to head in a line of pure powers. As the Order were outnumber 2 to 1 we were able to push the evil destruction forces out of our keep with rains of fire and whirlwind of axes. The mighty forces were in retreat. Now the will and spirit of order was just to much for them to handle.

PS. post any screen shots from last night. I forgot to take some.

10-05-2008, 07:48 PM
the will and spirit of order was just to much for them to handle.

i adamently disagree.

i believe the utter disorganization and lower skill of the average player on the destruction side was ENOUGH for you to handle.

10-05-2008, 09:16 PM
Don't mess with our RP!


...also feel free to never mention us on the warhammeralliance boards you seem to frequent. ;) We would rather avoid that community.

It was nice seeing you in-game for the first time. I'm sure we'll see you out there soon. How is the guild coming along?