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10-01-2008, 02:16 AM
Another night of RvR action left Order in control of all Tier 3 Keeps and Objectives. Foo also pushes forward into Tier 4 taking our first objective in Praag.

Capture of first Tier 4 Objective, Russenscheller Graveyard

Foo in a combined effort with the Reavers were able to successfully capture all Keeps and Objectives in Tier 3. Unfortunately, there was little to no resistance from the Destruction and everything was obtained quickly and efficiently. All thoe who participated are to be congratulated on a job well done.

The joint venture had Foo starting out in the Dwarven zones while the Reavers started in the Elven lands. Once those zones were Order controlled, the Warbands meet up at High Pass before setting out to claim the Empire Keeps. Foo moved on Passwatch Castle while the Reavers took Stoneclaw. Minutes later both Keeps had fallen given Order control of everything in Tier 3.

Guildleader Joebane then suggested a venture into Praag to attempt the capture of a few Tier 4 Objectives. Foo was up for the challenge and on the move immediately, the Reavers however decided to not assist and Foo set out into the unknown of Tier 4 with less than a full Warband.

Upon arriving in Praag at Russenscheller Graveyard and after a brief assesment of the situation, the Foo Warband pounced on the Level 42 Hero and guards. In typical Foo fashionn we were soon victorious. Celebration of Foos first Tier 4 Objetive capture as well as the nice 1000 Renown bonus was short lived however, and we set off to capture another point to the North the Manor of Ortel von Zaris. Confident in our ability to take the objective and with a sense of urgency, we immediately engaged the hero at the Manor and once again victory was ours. To all those who attended the Tier 4 raid, congratulations on a job very well done.

Capture of the Manor of Ortel von Zaris

10-01-2008, 04:13 AM
Image from the second point in t4

Wots up with yer face?

Our invincible line of defense! (1/3 of an R)