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On Behalf of Guild Master Joebane, Ficu awarded Player of the Month title for the inaugarial month of March, 2008. As Player of the Month, Ficu will be receiving a double serving of '30 Day SOE Pre-Paid Player Gaming Cards' for a total of 2 Months of free game play! Congradulations Ficu! This months Player of the Month reward is financially sponsored by Joebane, Tagarde & Vintage! Want to support the next Player of the Month reward? To support this program, paypal 'Joebane@ifc.fooboys.com' with your contributions. Or contact Joebane & Tagarde for more details.

--Interview of the Player of the Month--

I sat down with Ficu to talk with him about what makes him tick, and why he continues to play Star Wars Galaxies almost four and a half years since its initial release. (Portions of this interview have been edited for content and clarity)

Tagarde: What brought you into Star Wars Galaxies and why do you continue to play the game day after day?
Ficu: Several years ago back in 2003, while I was a guide on a river trip and a kid was talking about it(Star Wars Galaxies). He told me about the game and how it integrated a PvP enviroment, from this I grew a desire to play the game. Since Star Wars has been an influential part of my life since I was young, I was instantly drawn to the environment it provided for a life long fan.

Tagarde: What enticed you into forming up with the Foo family? And how do you feel about the community?
Ficu: The Imperial standing of the guild brought me into the fold right away, the maturity level of the players kept me here.

Tagarde: Why don't you tell us a little about yourself, what is going on in your world:
Ficu: Well, I am 30 years old, I hail from Oregon and I have been enjoying the universe that is Star Wars since I was very young. For a living I have been an independant contractor for most of my life.

Tagarde: Do you have any big plans for your next years online?
Ficu: I wish to enjoy the game and to PvP the best of my abilties. I plan to play SWG until they pull the plug. I enjoyed Starcraft before SWG, but after SWG came out I became stuck on PvP aspect of the game.

Tagarde: Anything going on in your real life at the moment?
Ficu: Well I have a baby on the way. I also enjoy Kayaking and Rafting and even spent some time as a river guide for a number of years.

Tagarde: What is going on in your online life?
Ficu: Since I recently moved to this server and had to grind a character to 90, I decided to grind all 3 of my seperate accounts together to make it more enjoyable and rewardable.

Tagarde: What made you choose the name Ficu?
Ficu: I picked it because it was random and also because it sounded a lot like 'Fuck You', which fit well with my Player versus Player viewpoint of opposing domience on the opposing faction.

Tagarde: How long have you been a member of the Foo family?
Ficu: Almost 3 months at this point.

Tagarde: I have noticed that you are big into scripting in Star Wars Galxies. Such as scripting Doc Buffbots, can you tell me more about this?
Ficu: I script whenever I need too, but I draw the line at exploiting scripting for such things as AFK Grinding.

Tagarde: Let's say you lived with your mother, and she was semi-mortally wounded while you were PvPing a hardcore couple of Rebels. What would you do?
Ficu: I would clear out what was left of the rebs and when it is all done and tidy I would drive my mom to the Urgent Care center.

Tagarde: About how many hours do you invest in a week into SWG?:
Ficu: I play about 40 hours or so per week ever since the release of SWG. But I still try to maintain a balance between the game and real life.

Tagarde: What do you consider your most funfilled online event that you have partaken in?
Ficu: I've experienced many exciting PvP events in SWG, but with such a long history there are to many memorable events and PvP conflicts to mention.

Tagarde: Thank you for partaking in this interview.
Ficu: Your very welcome, I very much enjoy being a part of IFC. Thanks.

--End of Interview--

Congradulations Ficu!

If you wish to support the Player of the Month program, please paypall 'Joebane@ifc.fooboys.com' with your contributions.

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Congrats on the award. Its interesting that we have 2 river guides in the guild (you and wylie/sockdolager). Ah how I miss running tons of recursive macros!

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Congratulations to you Ficu!
Well deserved! :)

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You're very deserving Ficu. You are always helping someone, and your knowledge is a real plus. Thanks!